Willersley 2023 – Thursday

This week is all about making great friendships Willersley 2023 Thursday We don’t just do activities in the daytime – they keep us working here right into the night. Last night we were doing night time axe throwing and fencing. But keeping busy helps to make sure we make the most of every minute – […]

Willersley 2023 – Monday

Willersley Castle 2023! Monday We set off at just before lunch today- bright eyed and full of smiles. Some of us had packed what looked like our whole bedrooms – let’s see if we actually use everything we’ve brought! And we’re off! There’s no resting when we’re on residential at Willersley Castle – no sooner […]

Wales: Wed 13th

Wales 2021! Day Three Today we exhausted ourselves, it’s no wonder we were in bed so early, after a day of abseiling, obstacle courses, blind trails, rifle range, fencing, nature trails and initiative exercises. Abseiling & Obstacles! http://www.stmaryssabden.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Abseil-Obstacle.mp4 Fencing & Rifle range! Previous Next Blind Trail & Initiative Exercises An important part of being on […]

Wales: Tues 12th

Wales 2021! Day Two Tuesday was full of wonderful activies. We started the day by getting very wet, and then tried climbing, crate stacking and fencing – alongside eating, chatting and, of course, missing our families a little bit. Canoes & Kayaks! http://www.stmaryssabden.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Kayak-Canoe.mp4 Fencing! Previous Next Climbing & Crate Stacking We did lots more getting […]