Wales: Tues 12th

Wales 2021!

Day Two

Tuesday was full of wonderful activies. We started the day by getting very wet, and then tried climbing, crate stacking and fencing - alongside eating, chatting and, of course, missing our families a little bit.

Canoes & Kayaks!


Climbing & Crate Stacking

We did lots more getting to grips with ropes and carabiners today. Whilst some of us tried the climbing wall - and reached dizzying heights, the rest of us had a go at crate stacking. It's not as easy as it looks, you know!

Why we sleep well

We don't get long to rest on these days in Wales, there's so much to learn, think about and then do. Whether we're fencing, rock climbing, kayaking or crate stacking there's lots to master so that we do it safely and with huge smiles. Check out our comments below, and don't forget to scroll on down to today's gallery.

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