All are welcome here to walk with Jesus as we love, learn and flourish.

Entry to Foundation Stage (Reception Class)

If you are thinking of applying for a place for your child at age 4 please check our admission policy (left) for further details. Although we think our website tells you a lot about our school there is nothing better than coming to see us for real and watching our staff and children at work – we are sure you will be impressed. If you would like to visit then please contact the school office to make an appointment.

Mid-Year Transfers

If you are thinking about a new school for your child then it is always a good idea to speak to your child’s current school before you do anything else (unless you are moving house – where a new school may be the only solution).

Having spoken to your current school, we are more than happy to make appointments for prospective parents and children to view our school – our website tells you a lot about our school but there is nothing better than seeing us in action.

Applying for a Reception Place?     Email the School Office     Or call us on: 01282 771009