Let's Go Sing 2022!

Let’s Go Sing is a great singing project for children which started life last year, when we were not allowed to meet together to sing as a whole choir.

The wonderful staff at Let’s Go Sing work alongside our teachers, helping us to put together a fun and exciting singing experience. Best of all, this year we can meet together at Rovers for the final concert.

Here you can watch one of last year’s concerts.

And best of all, you can practise at home as much as you like. Click on the videos below to learn each song. Each video includes words and music – and the T-Rex Rock also includes dance moves!

Sing Yourself Happy

Climbing Mountains

Music in Me

Our Time to Shine

The Farm in Old Kentucky

The T-Rex Rock

There is also a spoken poem, click here to find the words.

We Should Be Recycling