Wales: Thurs 14th

Wales 2021!

Day Four

After a good night's sleep, we started Thursday, full of energy and ready to go... but not before we celebrated Islay's birthday. She may have been away from home, but we made sure she had a wonderful day just the same. Thursday saw us with more blind trails, crate stacking, nature walks and survival skills and a very atmostpheric session of moonlit high ropes.

Crate Stacking & Moonlit High Ropes!

Low Ropes & Blind Trail

And everything Else!

When you get to Thursday, you have to make sure that you fit everything in, so in amongst all the other activities that included swinging from ropes and donning eye masks, we also found ourselves out and about in nature, learning survival skills, challenging our agility on obstacle courses, and doing some archery.

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