Class One Farm Visit

Sabden Farm & Milk Parlour Class 1 have started a new topic called ‘The Farm Shop’. This week we have found out all about food miles and how far food travels to reach our homes. We decided that it would be a good idea to shop locally as the produce will be fresher and more […]

Baking Bread in Class One

The Great Fire of London As an introduction to our topic, we made Hedgehog bread. As well as learning about how bread is baked we also did lots of fun maths and science learning too! We had to use very careful measurents to get the ingredients right – we used grams for the solids and […]

Our Cooking Day 13th February As part of our Design Technology lessons, Class 3 had to evaulate both our school dinners and home meals. We decided that we loved our school dinners and our meals at home and wouldn’t want to changed them. So we came up with the idea of creating and designing a meal for our grandparents […]

Fighting Fit

In last half term’s topic, ‘Fighting Fit’, Class One thought about how we can stay healthy with an emphasis on exercise, healthy eating and hygiene. We did lots of wonderful work for this including a very exciting visit from Matthew’s Daddy who arrived in a Rapid Response Vehicle with flashing lights and the siren blaring! […]