Welcome to Class One. This is our first class at St Mary’s and home to all our Reception, Year One and Year Two children along with, Mrs Nowell, Mrs Lingard and Miss Thoburn.

We started our topic at the beginning of September, commencing by boarding our rockets and blasting off into space to view our planet from way up above.

When we finally came back down to earth we had a great time learning about our local area and doing art work to accompany our learning.

The place where we live

We had great fun doing a Maths investigation about measures and length, this week. The children had to roll cars down different heights of ramps and measure to see how far they travelled. They loved it. I have attached some pics. We have also been learning about Sabden in the past and doing some charcoal and printing Art work of the local area.

We have also been making the most of our outdoor learning area.