All are welcome here to walk with Jesus as we love, learn and flourish.

Welcome to Class One. This is our first class at St Mary’s and home to all our Reception, Year One and Year Two children along with, Mrs Nowell, Mrs Lingard and Miss Thoburn. We love learning together in Class One and we are very creative – we learn in so many different ways and make use of all the space around us.

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The Great Outdoors
In Class One, we do lots of outdoor work.
We have our own Play Area
But we also make use of the full outdoor space.
Fine Motor Skills
We develop our fine motor skills through a range of activities.
Science & Investigation
We do a lot of practical work.
And work together, in teams.
We love learning about art history and creating our own work.
Cooking is another great way of learning.
We learn about maths, through measuring the ingredients.
And we get to eat the food too!
We have lots of School Trips
Like our trip to Chester Zoo.
School visits allow us to learn from experts in their own environment.
Social Skills
Eating together in the outdoors is a wonderful way to develop our social skills.
We celebrate special days
Like Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)...
...and link them to our learning.
Cooking links with lots of areas in our curriculum.

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