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St Mary's Super Seven

(Attitudes for Learning)

At St Mary’s we want to equip children to be the best learners they can be. Not just during their time here with us but throughout their life. To enable this we need to help them to foster all the attributes of a growth mind-set.

Growth mind-set is a theory centred around the belief that intelligence and learning can be developed and improved. If someone has a growth mind-set, they have a positive attitude towards learning and a belief in their ability to progress and achieve. 

Pupils who possess a growth mind-set are able to rise to challenges and learn from the mistakes they make, rather than feeling distressed and defeated if they are unable to do or understand something.

In this very interesting video the power of a growth mind-set is explained further. Carol Dweck is a psychologist who has studied student attitudes for 30 years.

To help our pupils develop a healthy growth mind-set we promote our Super Seven. These are 7 attitudes for learning, they are:

Through assemblies, class sessions, reward incentives and day to day lessons we promote these attitudes. We explain what each one means and give children clear examples of what these attitudes look like. The following pages help to explain each area in more detail.