All are welcome here to walk with Jesus as we love, learn and flourish.

St Mary's Celebrates

At St Mary’s we love celebrating all the wonderful things that our children do – both here and at home. In the past we have had a celebration assembly every Friday, to which we were proud to welcome you all – we cannot do that at the moment but we wouldn’t want you to miss out so each week we will be sharing our class certificate winners with a dedicated blog post.

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At St Mary’s it’s not just about the things you get a certificate or a medal for… between us we have a wealth of skills. We have children who paint, children who are kind, children who are super-fast at mental maths. We have runners, swimmers, singers, acrobats and then we have scientists, explorers and historians and who knows how many other skills too.

But, above all, we are happy and caring and we love working together as one big family.