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What are your plans for the weekend? Chances are they are rather different than they used to be. This time last year you probably had lots in store – a friend’s birthday party, local football, a big shopping trip with lunch, maybe visiting a garden centre to stock-up on winter bulbs and flowers. So much has changed, visiting relatives is harder or maybe impossible, eating out is less relaxed, even with half term approaching it’s hard to plan. So, what have we got left for our weekends?

In fact, it’s in these uncertain times that weekend plans become more important. We need to mark the passing of the weeks and we need to take the time for rest – perhaps there are even positives in our new way of living? Rest is so important that it comes into the Bible from the very beginning – God created the earth in six days and then designated Sunday for our day of rest and worship – but our busy lifestyles have eaten into that so much, that it’s little wonder many of us simply felt exhausted by the time Sunday evening came around. Now, if we’re not careful, we have the same feelings of exhaustion but for different reasons. All the stress and strain of not being able to plan, the thoughts that there is nothing to look forward to – all these worries lay heavily in our hearts. But God is always (and always has been) one step ahead. God is there for us in times of trouble, so, perhaps, this weekend, we can set aside our worries and concerns and turn instead to our Lord. Maybe it will be as little as five minutes outside, listening to the birds, trying to hear the changes in the bird song which signal our move from summer into autumn. Or perhaps we will have the chance to worship together, or we can visit a loved one and feel God’s love, which binds all of us together. No matter what way we mark the change from weekday to weekend, let us remember that rest and peace are so important in our lives. And let us give thanks to God for all the wonders that He has given.


Matthew 11:28 (ESV)

Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.