Willersley 2023 – Wednesday

Willersley 2023


What an amazing day. We have done more rifles and archery, some low ropes and climbing, along with zip wires and aero ball and initiative exercises. We've had a few moments of wet weather and it can also be a bit chilly but there's nothing can spoil the amazing fun that we're having.

Archery & Rifles

We all got chance to work on our aim today - outside with archery and then inside with rifles. Not only do you have to master holding the equipment but we also had to learn to make corrections to our aim. If the first arrow doesn't hit the target, how do we correct our stance to get a better result the next time?

Overcoming Fear

Just going away from home for a full week was the first test - even if we've done it before there's always some anxiety, and even if we absolutely love the chance to experience so much, we can't help but miss home. Then there's the activities themselves. For some of us it's the water activities, or climbing, or zip wire - but we all find ways to get over the nerves. Part of the strength comes in getting on so well as a team. We all help each other along and give moral encouragement.

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