Baking Bread in Class One

The Great Fire of London As an introduction to our topic, we made Hedgehog bread. As well as learning about how bread is baked we also did lots of fun maths and science learning too! We had to use very careful measurents to get the ingredients right – we used grams for the solids and […]

Our Cooking Day 13th February As part of our Design Technology lessons, Class 3 had to evaulate both our school dinners and home meals. We decided that we loved our school dinners and our meals at home and wouldn’t want to changed them. So we came up with the idea of creating and designing a meal for our grandparents […]

News 24.02.20

We hope you all had a fabulous break last week and are looking forward to our next half term as much as we are. Our new clubs start this week with spaces remaining in all the clubs except Pilates. Please let the office know as soon as possible if you would like to make a […]

Weights & Measures

Learning about Mass This week Class 1 have had fun learning about maths. They have been measuring and weighing using grams and kilograms and made delicious gingerbread shapes which they enjoyed eating with their morning milk. There was some confusion between ‘mass’ in terms of the mass of an object and church mass which needed […]