Class 1 w/c 1st June

Hello everybody, we hope you had a good half term and managed to make it a little different to your regular home-learning weeks? Have you managed to keep active? As the weather gets warmer it gets a bit easier to remain active but don’t forget that some things, like Yoga can be done whatever the weather – and Yoga is always good for us. If you fancy trying some Yoga but can’t think where to start, we’ve put a video here, and if you like this one you can find other Cosmic Kids Yoga sessions on YouTube.

Click here to download the full week’s work for Reception children and here for Years 1 and 2  or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

This week can you think about active maths? This is practising your mental maths whilst you’re jogging on the spot, or doing star jumps, or hopping on one leg, or doing bunny hops… but don’t just do the thing, practise some of the really important mental maths. Count in 2s, or 10s or 5s. Count backwards. Or play number bond catch – get an older person to throw a ball or beanbag to you whilst shouting a number and you throw it back with its number bond. Eg: If you’re working on bonds to 20 and your partner shouts 7, you’re going to throw it back whilst shouting 13!

This week we’re going to do lots of reading in preparation for our written work. Reading is so important and we’ve given you lots of ideas along with links to listen to and or watch you’re stories being read.

Once we’ve read a story we need to talk to someone about it – we may be thinking how characters feel, or we may be collecting ideas words for future writing. We’ve put one of the videos below.

Over the next two weeks your task is to create a ‘Seaside in a box’. Be as creative as you can and don’t forget to send us a photo! There are some ideas on your sheet and we’ve included a sing-along song here to get you in the mood.

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