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Class 2 w/c 1st June

Hello everybody, we hope you had a good half term and managed to make it a little different to your regular home-learning weeks? Have you managed to keep active? As the weather gets warmer it gets a bit easier to remain active but don’t forget that some things, like Yoga can be done whatever the weather – and Yoga is always good for us. If you fancy trying some Yoga but can’t think where to start, we’ve put a video here, and if you like this one you can find other Cosmic Kids Yoga sessions on YouTube.

Click here to download the full week’s   or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

Ideas for

This week we’re going to be doing some money problems – sometimes it can be hard working with money in our heads. This is because the pounds and pence become decimal numbers (if I have one pound and twenty pence, I have £1.20) so if possible, see if you can use some real money at first to help. Playing shops is always a great way of getting to grips with money.


This week you will be doing lots of reading. As you read you need to be thinking about the characters, about how they are feeling and why they are doing things.

Do you have a favourite book or a favourtie author? Let us know, if you do. Have you ever read any David Walliams books? We think he is brilliant, in the video he reads an extract from Gangsta Granny.

This week we are thinking about

There are lots of activities on your work sheet but why not make time to sing a lovely Pentecost hymn as well? We think it’s impossible to sing this hymn without feeling filled with the love of Our Lord. What do you think?

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