Fighting Fit

In last half term’s topic, ‘Fighting Fit’, Class One thought about how we can stay healthy with an emphasis on exercise, healthy eating and hygiene. We did lots of wonderful work for this including a very exciting visit from Matthew’s Daddy who arrived in a Rapid Response Vehicle with flashing lights and the siren blaring! He talked to us about his role as a first responder and showed us lots of emergency first aid equipment that is kept inside the vehicle including a defibrillator. We learned a lot and are now applying this (gently), in our roleplay doctor’s surgery!

Following this, we thought that it might be a lovely opportunity for the children to take part in a fundraising activity for the British Heart Foundation; encouraging the children to think about those less fortunate whilst learning a new form of exercise at the same time! On Tuesday November 26th, all the class took part in our ‘Jump Rope for Heart’ event. We worked very hard to learn some different skipping techniques before holding our sponsored skip for an hour.

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