Bayeux Tapestry

Class 3 studied the Bayeux Tapestry as part of their topic, last half term. The children re-designed a section of the tapestry which they turned into a modern day version; thinking about what would happen if the battles of 1066 took place in 2019. Find out more about the Bayeux Tapestry

Viking Invasion

As part of their history work, Class 3 have been learning about the Vikings. They have learned all about how the Vikings invaded Anglo-Saxon Britain and in the video, Emma explains this further. They worked really hard creating Viking inspired pouches. The children had to design and make a pouch that would have been suitable […]

Clitheroe Castle Visit

At the end of December Class Three made a visit to Clitheroe Castle, it was an amazing day out. The children learnt a lot about castles and battles whilst they were there. As part of the day, all the children had eggs which had to be protected at all costs! They had to create armour […]