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Category: History

Bayeux Tapestry

Class 3 studied the Bayeux Tapestry as part of their topic, last half term. The children re-designed a section of the tapestry which they turned

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Viking Invasion

As part of their history work, Class 3 have been learning about the Vikings. They have learned all about how the Vikings invaded Anglo-Saxon Britain

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Keith Haring Art

Art inspired by Keith Haring This half term we have been looking at some of Keith Haring’s art work. We looked at the variety of

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Clitheroe Castle Visit

At the end of December Class Three made a visit to Clitheroe Castle, it was an amazing day out. The children learnt a lot about

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In October, Class 3 started their Survival topic and especially enjoyed learning about Sir Ernest Shackleton . The children created biographies all about him along

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Survival Topic

In Class 3 we started our Survival topic by learning about Sir Ernest Shackleton’s adventure across Antarctica. We have been reading his book, Shackleton’s Journey along with a story

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