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Clitheroe Castle Visit

At the end of December Class Three made a visit to Clitheroe Castle, it was an amazing day out.

The children learnt a lot about castles and battles whilst they were there. As part of the day, all the children had eggs which had to be protected at all costs! They had to create armour for their eggs in preparation for battle and then had a competition to throw them off the castle’s keep. The eggs had to remain intact to be in with a chance of winning. Thankfully they were hardboiled seeing as both Miss Taylor and Miss Bishop had to be at the bottom of the castle to check them! 

The children also re-enacted the battles of 1066 complete with shields and actions. They were also shown swords and shields that would have been used by the different armies in 1066. Lola was able to try on a helmet and Joshua got to try on the chain mail – being fully dressed as a soldier. Until he put it on, he had no idea how heavy it was!

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