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Class 3 home learning w/c 1st Mar

This week's key learning

This week in maths we will continue to think about number – we will be learning square and cube numbers and we will also look at multiplication. Please make sure you also do some Times Table Rockstars – ideally every day. In SPAG we will be looking at using colons in lists, and in Topic we will be thinking about periods of time and the weather.

And don’t forget our live lessons which will be held at:

9.00am and 2pm everyday. This will be your chance to learn directly with me and to see your friends.

Click here to download this week’s work, and continue reading for quick access to all your links and other information.

Last Week's Star Learners!



Today we are going to look at and investigate square numbers.

A square number is a number multiplied by itself. This can also be called ‘a number squared‘. The symbol for squared is ². 2² = 2 x 2 = 4. 3² = 3 x 3 = 9. We will look at this together in our morning Teams lesson. Afterwards there is a great lesson here to watch, it will help you further, and then you have activities to complete in Teams.


For your SPAG work this week we are going to focus on using colons in lists. Click on this link, for today’s lesson, and complete screens 1 – 3.

Today’s reading questions are on Buzz Aldrin. The text and questions are both in the Reading file on Teams.


Today we are going to learn about another NASA employee called Mary Jackson. I will share more of our book with you in our Teams session. Schools were once segregated and Mary was unable to attend the school she needed because of the colour of her skin. In order to get permission to attend, she had to go to see a judge.

Today I would like you to write a formal letter as Mary. I want you to imagine that you are her and you are writing to the judge to argue your case for going to school.

Topic (Geography)

Today we are going to think about time periods and how in different places in the world, it could be day or night. I will share some learning slides with you in our morning Teams. Can you then complete the activity sheet?



Today we are going be looking at Cubed numbers.

A cube number is a number that is the product of three numbers which are the same. In other words, if you multiply a number by itself and then by itself again, the result is a cube number.

In our morning Teams, I will share our learning slides for today. The video here will then explain the slides further and may help you. Once you’ve finished the lesson, please complete today’s activity (in Teams).


In SPAG we are continuing with colons, click here and complete the screen 4 activity or see Teams.

Today’s reading questions are on Tim Peake. The text and questions are both in the Reading file on Teams.


Today’s activity is very similar to one from last week about Dorothy Vaughun. I would like you to complete the role in the wall activity today for Mary Jackson.

What do you think of the character?

When were the times in her life when she had to prove  herself?

Think about her feelings at different times in the story, then her actions  along with facts from the story.


We are going to think about day and night again. I will share some learning slides with you in our morning Teams.

Then can you complete the explanation activity on day and night.




Today we are going to look at multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000. I will go through some examples with you and also share our learning slides in our morning Teams, after which you can do the lesson here. Finish with today’s learning sheets, which you will find in Teams.


Today’s reading questions are on Michael Collins. The text and questions are both in the Reading file on Teams.


I will continue reading some of our story to you in our Teams session Today.

I want you to think about the part of the story where Dorothy trains the women in her group to program the computers. Today, I would like you to write a diary entry as one of the women who joined Dorothy that day. Think about their thoughts and feelings.


Hopefully the weather will be nice for today’s activity, and we will have some sunshine.

Start by watching the clip here.

Choose a sunny spot in an outdoor area that is not shady and is free of shadows.

Choose a tall object that will stand up by itself, such as a brick or bottle of sand, or push a thick stick or pole into the ground. Whatever you use, the object needs to be stable and cast a measurable shadow.

Mark the shadow that is created by the tall object or stick, placing a small stone at the shadow’s tip or making a chalk mark. Write the time on the stone or next to the chalk mark.

Repeat this activity throughout the day.

Describe what is happening to the shadows over time. Why do you  think the shadows are changing?


I have added a selection of ideas for World Book Day in a Teams file called, ‘World Book Day 2021’

You can choose which activities to do- please remember to send me photos of your work!

I will also share with you our ‘Masked Reader’ competition this week. I will explain more in an afternoon Teams session but here is an overview:

You will need to:

Choose your favourite book.

Select a page or short chapter to read out loud.

Create a disguise- you can do this with masks or fancy dress you already have, or by using an app such as:




Chatterpix kids


Once you have recorded it, please send the video to me (use the Contact button at the top of this page). You have until the end of the day Thursday to send these to me.

You will then have the opportunity to guess who is the Masked Reader! There will be a prize for the winner, when we are back in school.


Today I would like you to try and celebrate your home learning achievements by having an afternoon tea with someone or all of your family. You could bake a cake or some biscuits, you could buy one or just enjoy some treats that you already have in your cupboards at home. You could have some nice sandwiches and eat inside or outside (depending on the weather!)

Make a cup of tea (with an adult due to the boiling water) or a hot chocolate and sit and relax. Spend some time with your loved ones talking about what you’ve enjoyed about being at home, what you think about coming back, any worries you have  and something that you’re proud of.

I am very proud of all of Class 3!

There are lots of other ideas on your sheet to fill the end of today.

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