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Celebrations w/e 9/10/20


Class 3 Certificates

This week Enya, Reece and Aurora have gained certificates. Enya got her certificate for stepping out of her comfort zone in Maths, she tried using different mental methods to solve calculations – you can click here to see the work that she is particularly proud of. Reece did some fantastic research on a mythical creature and presented the information orally. It was filmed and edited using the green screen. Reece gave a confident and clear presentation of his information! Click here to see Saul’s favourite piece of work. It was Aurora’s constant hard work in all lessons and being a good friend that got her her certificate. Click here to see the work she has chosen to share.


Class 2 Certificates

We also had three certificate winners in Class 2, Micky, Darcey and Harry. Micky got his certificate for super addition in columns and great effort in all written work . For Darcey it was her super writing in our Paddington project and 100% effort in all all she does that got her her reward. And Harry’s super use of column addition to solve tricky problems gained him his certificate.


Class 1 Certificates

Barney, Susanna and Matias were the winners in Class 1. Barney was rewarded for trying really hard and sharing his ideas with the class and Susanna got her certificate for her beautiful writing about Harry Mouse using super adjectives. Matias got his certificate for his enthusiasm and hard work in phonics.

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Following Boris Johnson’s 8pm announcement we now know that as of midnight tonight the country has entered a new period of Lockdown, a Lockdown that includes the closure of school. 

School will be open for the children of Key Workers and for pupils who are deemed vulnerable. All pupils will be provided with work in order for them to keep learning. 

Tonight’s announcement was very short notice for you as parents and also for us as a Staff. Tomorrow, by 11am there will be three tasks on the school website for each Class to complete as their Tuesday learning. However, School will be closed to ALL pupils tomorrow. 


Staff, however, will be in school preparing for the rest of the Lockdown. Through tomorrow we will prepare school to make it safe for Key worker pupils and vulnerable children to return. 

We will send out a form for you to apply for a place in the Keyworker Bubbles and we will let you know more about how children will be learning remotely. We will do our very best to re-open to Key Worker children and vulnerable pupils by Wednesday. 

I am aware of how difficult this is for you all, School closing creates a multitude of problems for everyone but data surrounding this awful disease dictates that this is a necessary step. As ever, the safety and health of everyone must be a priority. 

Thank you for your continued support and we will be in frequent contact over the next few days. 

Many thanks

Claire Halstead