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Celebrations w/e 16th Oct


Class 3 Certificates

This week Evie, Thomas and Lizzie have gained certificates. Evie got her certificate for working hard and presenting her work neatly, she is also working with confidence – you can click here to see the work that she is particularly proud of. Thomas always works hard, listens well and is trying really hard with his handwriting. Click here to see his favourite piece of work. It was Lizzie’s continuous hard work along with her lovely handwriting (which she is working on joining) that got her her certificate. She is a lovely role model to the class. Click here to see the work she has chosen to share.


Class 2 Certificates

We also had three certificate winners in Class 2, Hugo, Lucie and Thomas. Hugo got his certificate for amazing concentration and a positive attitude to all his work. For Lucie it was her super maths using columns to add and subtract and her great attitude to learning that got her a certificate. Thomas’s super concentration and effort in writing and maths meant that he too got a certificate.


Class 1 Certificates

Jack, Neve and Lily were the winners in Class 1. Jack was rewarded for being so kind, and caring to everyone in the class and Neve got her certificate for wonderful effort in phonics and beautiful reading. For Lily, it was her excellent work during Monster Phonics and Guided Reading that meant she got a certificate.

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