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Thomas & his Half Marathon

At St Mary’s we are very pround of our, Everyday Hero – Thomas Wilson who has decided to run a half-marathon (or maybe more) over the month of March. He is doing this in aid of the charity Crisis who work to end homelessness.

So far, Thomas has appeared in local newspapers and on the radio – and it’s little wonder, given his tremendous effort and dedication. You can read Thomas’s story to the right, sponsor him on his own fundraising page here and listen to his interview by clicking on the microphone below (fastforward to 2hrs 23 minutes).

My Story:


I want to raise some money for the homeless charity Crisis because recently when I have been going to the supermarket with my Mum we have been talking to a homeless man called Dean who sits outside. He’s a really nice man & we get him a coffee & some food & we sit & chat to him. We found out last week that he became homeless because his Mum died & now he has nowhere to live. He was so sad & this made me feel really sad too so I decided I want to do something to help people like him.
I am going to run a total of 13 miles (half of a marathon distance) or more on the treadmill in March for my Step Forward For Homeless challenge so please sponsor me if you can. Thankyou very much.
Thomas 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thomas & his Half Marathon

  1. Hi Thomas
    It’s Jude and Noah – we hope you do well on your half marathon!
    You are a star ⭐️
    Keep it up!

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