Chester Zoo

Our Grand Day Out! This week, Class 1 went to Chester Zoo in preparation for our topic on Animals and their Habitats. We had a lovely day and saw lots of different animals. The lions put on a very exciting show for us as they were roaring. Other favourites were the baby elephants, a jaguar […]

Heart Rate

Learning about our Heart Rates As part of Science, children planned an investigation into how exercise can affect their heart rates. The children decided on 3 activities that would test how their heart rate changed depending on how much exercise they did. Here they are carrying out their investigations.

The Circulatory System

Previous Next Our BloodClass Three have been learning all about their circulatory system and blood. They have investigated how the heart works and what the blood is made up of.The children created their own blood vessels ‘plastic bottles’ and their own blood.They chose from items such as shreddies, cheerios, marshmallows, beads, pasta, cotton wool, red […]