Class 3 w/c 18th May

We hope you’re all getting on well with all the work and ideas that we send you. We do miss you all and love hearing from you. This week we’ve got lots of great activities for you but, if you’re looking for some extra science, watch the video here. Warning: Grover can be a bit annoying but the science is good (please, if you’re trying these out, make sure you do them with a grown up there).

Click here to download the full week’s work or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

Watch the clip from the video below (you can find the link for the full video on your worksheet). There is an activity called ‘How to make an orienteering map to use at your house’ Can you draw a birds eye view of your house or a room in your house like it shows in the video?

This week, for your writing tasks, we will explore deadly creatures from around the world (whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home!)

By the end of the week, not only will you know lots about some deadly creatures, you will have also created your own!

Watch the video below to get you in the mood and then check out your worksheet for lots more videos, book extracts and all your activities.

The day when Jesus went up to heaven. Look in the bible to find out about this special day and listen to the song below whilst you think about how the Disciples felt. You might like to create some art work to mark this special event. Then check out your work sheet for Friday’s RE task.

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