Class 2 w/c 6th April

Here we are in the third week of our home/school learning adventure and at the start of Holy Week. We have lots of activities for you this week, including our Holy Week activities. Please do as much as you can.

We hope you enjoyed our PE and Art ideas, but how are you going with science experiments? Do you know there’s lots you can do at home and plenty of ideas on the internet too? In this video there’s a simple experiment that just needs books, paper and selotape.

Click here to download the full week’s ideas or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

This week we are thinking about Perimeter – if you have a measuring tape you can find the perimeter of each room in your house. Or measure the perimeter of your lawn or yard. If you have a ruler you can find the perimeter of smaller things – your dining table, the tv, a rug. Remember, we find the perimeter by adding together the length of all the sides.

Keep writing your diary. This week take a look back… has your writing changed? Try to imagine someone finding your diary and reading it in the future. Can you make your entries more interesting? Not by making things up but by improving the language. Think about adjectives and adverbs to enrich your writing.

Think about the Last Supper. If you can, find a story online or look in the Bible (Matthew 26:17-30) tells us about the moment when Jesus broke the bread and shared the wine. Think about how this last meal felt – for Jesus and for the Disciples. Can you draw a picture of the Last Supper?

One thought on “Class 2 w/c 6th April

  1. Happy Holy week Year 3 and 4. Think about Miss Halstead’s message each day and the events to come for Jesus. Say a special prayer to Jesus during Holy week and look at the RE activities I have left for you.
    I hope you all have a lovely Easter.
    Lots of love Mrs R xx

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