Class 1 w/c 6th April

Here we are in the third week of our home/school learning adventure and at the start of Holy Week. We have lots of activities for you this week, including our Holy Week activities. Please do as much as you can.

We hope you enjoyed our PE and Art ideas, but how are you going with science experiments? Do you know there’s lots you can do at home and plenty of ideas on the internet too? In this video there’s a simple experiment that just needs books, paper and selotape.

Click on the links to download the full week’s ideas for Year 1/2 and Reception children or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

This week try to think a lot about counting on and counting back. Mental maths is very important. Get a grown-up or brother/sister to tell you a number (start with 0 to 20 and then get harder) then ask them to challenge you to tell them 3 more, 4 less… and so on.

Can you write an Easter Acrostic Poem? If you manage that, perhaps you can look at other words – Saviour would be a good one to try. Remember to share your poems with us.

Can you make an Easter Garden? Here is a picture of one but we would love to see some of yours. If you manage to make your Easter Garden try to think about all the people in the Easter story. How would they be feeling as things happened? How does the story make you feel?

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