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Class 2 w/c 4th May

How are you getting on with your PE? We all know that keeping active is so important and that recommendations say an hour of sweaty activity a day, and we also know that you’ve done lots – ball games, cycling, trampolining, running (we’ve seen lots of great photos) – but have you thought about dancing? If you’re a fan of shows like Strictly, how would you like to learn to dance like the stars? With this tutorial (click here), you too can learn the Lindy Hop? You could even be dancing it this weekend.

Click here to download the full week’s work or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

Ideas for

This week, spend some time thinking about money. Set up your own supermarket using items from the cupboards. Make sure you do price labels. Now, practise buying a few things, add up the total. Work out the change from a £10 or £5 note. If you can use real money this helps (but be sure to give it back at the end).


Watch the video below to see actual footage from a street party in Surrey. Imagine you were living in the time of the first VE day celebration in May 1945, and you also had a party. Write your diary entry for the end of your celebration day. Who did you see? Did you have a street party? What party food did you eat and did you play games? How did you and your family feel?

All this week we're thinking about

Perhaps you can learn some of the songs that would have been sung at the time? Listen to Dame Vera Lynn, how is the song different to today’s music? Can you learn some of the words? Imagine you had grown up in the war, how do you think this song would have made you feel?

10 thoughts on “Class 2 w/c 4th May

  1. Hello lovely Year 3 & 4 and May the 4th be with you!!
    Hope you are all working hard, getting fresh air and smiling lots. I’m thinking of you all and missing you every day.

    Lots of love

    Mrs R xxx

  2. Hi
    Mrs Robinson
    May the 4th be with you. Sorry I was a bit late.
    I hope school opens soon because I am very bored.
    Love Aurora xxx

    1. Hello Aurora! Lovely to hear from you again. Yes I know you will be bored now, you’ve done so well and I know how hard you will be working, but we miss friends and teachers. I’m the same and can’t wait until we can all be together again.
      I’m so pleased at how hard you are working and I’m sending a huge hug.
      Keep smiling beautiful girl.

      Lots of love
      Mrs R xx

      1. hello miss r and aroura I did a first message but we did not singe in the thing at the at the bottom so it got deleted so this is my 2nd message I actually made this massage on the day after VE day.

        love you both Francesca Xxx

        1. Ah Hello lovely Francesca!! Loved getting your message.

          Keep working hard and smiling

          Mrs R xxx

    1. Can’t wait to see you too Aurora!!

      The blog on Purple mash is on Shared bit – class 2 Shared blog

      Love Mrs R xx

  3. Hi
    mrs Robinson

    I am doing my work and I can’t get the blogs on purple mash. I have search it up but it is not working.
    Love Aurora

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