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Class 1 w/c 4th May

How are you getting on with your PE? We all know that keeping active is so important and that recommendations say an hour of sweaty activity a day, and we also know that you’ve done lots – ball games, cycling, trampolining, running (we’ve seen lots of great photos) – but have you thought about dancing? If you’re a fan of shows like Strictly, how would you like to learn to dance like the stars? With this tutorial (click here), you too can learn the Lindy Hop? You could even be dancing it this weekend.

Click here to download the full week’s work for Reception children and here for Years 1 and 2  or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

Ideas for

This week, keep working on your mental maths. How about adding 10 or 20 to everything you do (in your head, that is). So, if you eat 3 potatoes, how many would you have eaten if you had eaten 10 more? (Only do this in your head – otherwise you’ll probably feel poorly!) Did you know that BBC Bitesize have lots of activities for maths?


This week we want you to think about writing instructions. Watch the video below and either imagine or pet or you can talk about your own pet. What actions (verbs) do you need to do to look after your pet? Could you write a set of instructions for someone else to follow?

All this week we're thinking about

Perhaps you can learn some of the songs that would have been sung at the time? Listen to Dame Vera Lynn, how is the song different to today’s music? Can you learn some of the words?

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