Class 2 w/c 27th April

Welcome back after our Easter break – we hope you all had a lovely time and kept safe and healthy. We miss you a lot and we’re looking forward to hearing from you all again.

This week we will be introducing you to the Lancashire Spar PE Programme. Please take a look and, above all, remember that you should try to do an hour of activity every single day. This week you are encouraged to learn about jumping. In the video, Nathan explains both long jump & triple jump.

Click here to download the full week’s ideas or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

This week really work on your mental maths – you can work on your own or with an adult but try to ask yourself questions right through the day. Count the number of steps from the living room to the kitchen, then quiz yourself. How many more to get to 20? What if I did this journey 7 times? If I take bigger strides can I divide my journey by 3? How many steps if everyone in my family made this journey three times today? If we ask questions like this all day, every day – our mental maths will get very strong and very quick!

This week we are thinking about descriptive writing – this means we have to observe carefully and then think about what words we can use to create that image for our readers. Imagine you were describing something for someone who cannot see the same thing that you are looking at – you will need to use very clear language. Remember you’re not just describing how something looks but maybe also how it moves, does it make a sound, can you feel it?

thinking about Ancient Egypt. Use the Internet to find out as much as you can about Ancient Egyptian Gods. Do some drawings of them. Can you make up your own Egytian God to add to the list?

5 thoughts on “Class 2 w/c 27th April

      1. Ah Aurora,
        I love you to the moon and back!

        Missing you so much and our daily chats xxx

  1. This week I especially loved the maths, I did the year 4 maths and enjoyed it. I also liked the Egyptian god work.

    Love from Islay

    1. Wow Islay you super star!!!! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the Egyptian Gods I would have loved teaching it to you in class. Yr4 maths you STAR!!! Keep it up lovely Islay!!

      Mrs R xx

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