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Class 1 w/c 27th April

Spar Lancashire School Games

Welcome back after our Easter break – we hope you all had a lovely time and kept safe and healthy. We miss you a lot and we’re looking forward to hearing from you all again.

This week we will be introducing you to the Lancashire Spar PE Programme. Please take a look and, above all, remember that you should try to do an hour of activity every single day. This week you are encouraged to learn about jumping. At the end of the week, Nathan (video) encourages you to take the Kangaroo Jump Challenge.


You can find Reception Class work here or click here to download the full week’s ideas for Years 1 & 2. You can also find a few ideas on this page.

Ideas for

This week really work on your mental maths – you can work on your own or with an adult but try to ask yourself questions right through the day. Count the number of steps from the living room to the kitchen, then quiz yourself. How many more to get to 20? What if I took 10 more steps? What if I double it? What if I do this journey 5 times? If we ask questions like this all day, every day – our mental maths will get very strong and very quick!


This week we are thinking a lot about adjectives and verbs – in the Hairy MacLary story you will come across lots of examples. Try thinking of adjectives for your family pet, or look online for other pets and find adjectives. As you’re going about your day you could collect verbs and explore their actions. Can you crawl, creep, jump, bound? Let us know how you get on with this – you could send photos of yourself doing different verbs.

For can you

go out and look for bugs? Now is a perfect time as our bugs and insects are extremely busy. They love spring and you’re bound to find creatures in flowers, under rocks and stones. Look under and on top of leaves too. You may be able to create your own bug hotel – and remember, send us any pictures.

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