Class 2 w/c 22nd June

How are you all? Did you manage to do the Virtual Sports Day? We had lots of great photos. We’ve done lots of PE ideas over the last weeks but sometimes we need a ‘brain break’ that isn’t PE based. When you just need a quick break, what better than doing some drawing or doodling? There’s a great video here from Rob Biddulph and if you don’t fancy drawing a cat, check out his YouTube channel for other ideas here.

Each week we will give you a task that must be completed, this is your Top Terrific Task.

This week your Top Terrific Task links to PSHE (see Wednesday on your worksheet). You need to think about all the different feelings and emotions we experience and then design a poster to show times that you have experienced these emotions.

Click here to email me your work. I will send you a message back and if I haven’t heard from you by Friday I will get in touch to see if you need any extra help.

Click here to download the full week’s work or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

This week you have a lot of activities that involve working with numbers, finding missing numbers, seeing patterns etc. There are lots of puzzles on your worksheet.

Once you’ve done them you may want to learn some maths magic. In the following video you see the magic, then you learn the trick and finally (and most importantly) you learn how the maths works.

This week you will be thinking about Expanded Noun Phrases – these are great to learn as using them really enhances your writing. A noun phrase would be, the black dog whereas an expanded noun phrase could be, the big, furry, black dog. If you need more help we think this song is great.


There is a lot of information on BBC Bitesize (click here) and to get a feeling of being transported back in time, watch the video below.

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