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Class 2 w/c 15th June

Remember that being active isn’t just about running around and climbing things! There are many ways to be active and over the weeks we’ve shown you quite a few and you also have your PE page.

Sometimes it’s good to do other active things, Yoga is great because when we do Yoga we are also helping our minds be more mindful (instead of mind full!). We love Cosmic Kids – if you haven’t tried them before, we really enjoyed this Wizard of Oz adventure.

Each week we will give you a task that must be completed, this is your Top Terrific Task.


This week your Top Terrific Task is based on your RE work (see box and video below). Can you make a poster to tell the Parable of the Lost Sheep? Remember there are hints on your worksheet.


Click here to email me your work. I will send you a message back and if I haven’t heard from you by Friday I will get in touch to see if you need any extra help.

Click here to download the full week’s work or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

Ideas for

This week you’ll find lots of different activities on your worksheets, including some number problems that are easier to solve if you have rapid recall of numbers.

If you have someone to play with then the game in the video below is great. It encourages you to think quickly, you need to be able to count-on and/or do addition, and you’ll need to think ahead if you want to win. You can download the written instructions and the gameboards here.


This week, as you work on your writing you will be looking at developing your vocabulary so that you have a wide range of words at your fingertips. Prepositons are an important part of our writing. There’s lots of activities on your worksheet and we like the video below if you need a way to remember what prepositions are.

In RE this week we're thinking about

Jesus told many Parables – he told this one to the Pharisees and Teachers who were annoyed that Jesus talked to Tax Collectors and sinners. They thought that Jesus should shun bad people rather than welcome them to him. Watch the video and read the Bible passage on your worksheet. What does the story mean to you?

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