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Class 2 home learning w/c 1st Feb

This week's key learning

This week we will be thinking about multiplication and division in our maths work, and we will be continuing to look at our class novel, ‘Stig of the Dump’ – we will do a lot of comprehension work to help us get deeper into the story. Please do get in touch with me as often as you can, and don’t forget our live lessons which will be held at:

10am and 1.15pm everyday. This will be your chance to learn directly with me and to see your friends.

Click here to download this week’s work, and continue reading for quick access to all your links and other information.



Today we are going to be doing multiplication using the grid method. Watch the video above to recap grid method. There is also a great lesson here, to remind you about multiplication facts and partitioning. Afterwards, look for your sheets on Teams.


This week we will start on Chapter 6, please read up to, ‘they might tell a policeman and then there’ll be awful trouble.’ and then answer the questions below.

What time of year does this part of the story take place in?

Granny and Lou left Barney at the start of the chapter to go where?

What was Stig doing when Barney found him in the cave?

What did Barney hit with his first arrow?

Why do you think the men told Barney they were there to fix the television?


Imagine you are Barney – How did you feel when you saw the men going into Grandma’s house? Are they thieves? Then you remember you have met them before when they called and asked if she had any silver or jewels to sell!

In your writing, make sure you, show your thoughts, worries, fears …Show what you said to Stig – asking him to help etc.

Topic (R.E.)

There is a lot of work to look at on your worksheet and on Teams. Afterwards:

Choose an event in Mary’s life – eg. Visit from Angel Gabriel, travelling to Bethlehem on a donkey, giving birth to Jesus in a stable, seeing Jesus being crucified … etc. WRITE a prayer about this event

DRAW your favourite story/event in Mary’s life

If you have a set of Rosary beads – use them to pray to Mary



Today you have a range of multiplication and division problems to complete (see worksheet and Teams). There is a great revision lesson here, to help you recap what you already know. There’s also a great NumberRock song for you.


Please finish Chapter 6 of Stig, and then answer the questions below.

What did Barney do to try to prevent the thieves from getting away?

What did Stig do to the car after it had fallen into the pit?

What did Barney want Stig to do when he first found him?

Why did the men run away when they saw Stig?

What things did Barney find in the men’s suitcase?


Today we are going to write a newspaper report, based upon Barney and the thieves. Remember to use the 5 Ws and H, to help you compile your report. Think about an eye-catching headline that sums up the story and would encourage people to read. There are some more ideas on your worksheet and a template in Teams.

Topic (Science)

Today we are going to be rock detectives. We will be thinking about the different types of rocks, and their properties. Afterwards we will think how different rocks can be best used. For example, what rock would be good for sculpting, and why? You will find a PowerPoint and a follow up activity in Teams.



Today we will be dividing two digit numbers by a one digit number.There is a lesson for you to watch here, and then look for your PowerPoint presentations and worksheets in Teams.


Please start Chapter 7 today, read up to, ‘And Barney danced out, clutching the two bundles of skins and the stone axe.’, then answer the questions below.

Where and when is the circus happening?

What does Barney find Stig doing in the den?

What does Stig do with the marbles?

How many marbles did Barney have to spend to get the fancy dress clothes?


Today you have a Spelling activity to complete, looking at the suffixes, ful, ness, ly, ment and less. Suffixes come at the end of words and change their meaning. There is a lesson here, looking at the suffix ly. Afterwards, please check your weekly worksheet for your activities.

Topic (P.S.H.E)

In PSHE we are thinking about Goals and Ambitions. Take a look at the photo, it’s a photo of Dame Kelly Holmes, who won two gold medals in the 2004 Olympic Games. You will find an information booklet in Teams to help you think about goals and ambitions. Afterwards, please make a fact file poster – it could be about Dame Kelly or another person you admire.



In maths today, Year 3 children will be thinking about multiplying with a one digit number and Year 4 will be dividing. Year 3 should click here for a lesson recap, and Year 4 should watch this lesson.

Afterwards, check Teams for your worksheets and PowerPoint slides.


Today we are continuing with Chapter 7 of our class novel, please read up to, ‘Someone was lurking behind them. It was Stig!’

For your activity, can you design and label a fancy dress outfit that you would wear to the party? Try to use good adjectives in your descriptions.

Topic (History and Art)

Can you remember the chalk cave drawings that Stig created? In Teams you will find some PowerPoints on the history of cave paintings.

Study the PowerPoints to research the history of Stone Age cave paintings and then afterwards, create your own cave paintings – if possible use crayons or coloured pencils/chalks. Please send me any photos of your creations.



It’s Friday! Use today to make sure you are up to date with your My Maths work and that you have logged in to Times Tables Rockstars regularly.

There are also some times tables sheets to complete in Teams – choose one of them.

The following words are all taken from Chapter 7 but they have been spelled incorrectly – can you correct them? Use the text and a dictionary to help. There are dictionaries available online, you can find The Collins here.

Circus   helpfull    beests    animul    sheelds    reflecsion    partys    stayble    cupboard    umbreller


In English, please finish reading Chapter 7 and then read the following statements. Try to answer, True or False for each one.

Lou enjoys dressing up as a leopard:

Stig was hiding in the woods on their walk to the party:

The children didn’t want to go to the party:

Lou suggested the leopard hunting game:

Barney gave Stig sweets in exchange for the animal skins:

Stig was afraid of the leopard:

The leopard escaped from the travelling circus:

Topic (P.E.)

It’s important to make sure that you do some PE – try to be a bit active every day. There are plenty of YouTube ideas for PE workouts in your home, or maybe you can go for a short walk with an adult from your house. Click here to access some PE lessons from the BBC.

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