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Class 2 Home learning w/c 11/01/21

This week's key learning

This week we will be thinking about fractions in our maths work, and we will be taking an in depth look at our class novel, ‘Stig of the Dump’ – we will do a lot of comprehension work to help us get deeper into the story. Please do get in touch with me as often as you can, and don’t forget our live lessons which will be held at:

10am and 2.30pm everyday. This will be your chance to learn directly with me and to see your friends.

Click here to download this week’s work, and continue reading for quick access to all your links and other information.



Today we are learning about fractions, and we will be thinking particularly about equivalent fractions. Before you start, there is a great lesson here, it starts with a quiz to recap your knowledge. Once you’ve finished the lesson, there is an activity to complete on your worksheet.


For our reading this week we will beusing Clive King’s novel, Stig of the Dump. Start by reading Extract One – and then watch the video clip below.


For your writing today, imagine looking down into the pit and falling – just like Barney.

Write a description of what YOU saw in the pit – describe the sides, what was at the bottom – use adjectives and noun phrases to describe.

DRAW the objects you saw there – describe them.

Topic (R.E.)

In R.E. today we will be thinking about the jouorney through a year, and we will finish by drawing a timeline.

1) Can you start by thinking of your Christmas Holiday – what events in the holiday marked the passage of time? Perhaps you have your own family customs, or perhaps this year you introduced something new.

2) Then move out to thinking about the year – what were the key events? Think about birthdays, holidays, bonfire nights etc.

On your sheet you will find questions to prompt you. Finish by designing your own 2020 Timeline Poster (see worksheet).



Use your My Maths logins to continue working with Fractions. If you are struggling there are a range of lessons here – all of them will be able to help you.

Afterwards, there is an activity on your worksheet.


Read today’s extract by clicking on the button below. As you read, try to use all your senses to picture what is happening. How would Barney be feeling?


Today we are going to write a setting description – think about the shelter where Barney found himself. Use all your senses to help you write your description – what can Barney hear, smell, taste, touch and see. Think about whether there are insects? Worms? What else might be there?

Topic (Science & Geography)

Today we are going to be thinking about rocks and finding out about this very exciting discovery from 2014. Look at the photo of the cliff face – can you see a man there? Amazingly, this wasn’t carved by a person, instead, over the years – nature has chiselled out the features – such is the power of rain, wind and tides.

To learn more about rocks and rock formation you can try some of the lessons here.

Can you create a factfile poster on this or some other famous rock? (Ayers rock in Australia for example, or any other interesting rock that you can find.) Use the internet to do your research, click here for more ideas, and remember to share your work with me.



Today we will be halving numbers.There is a lesson for you to watch here, and then look at your worksheet for today’s work.


Read today’s extract by clicking on the button and then do the writing activity below.


Draw thought bubbles to show what you would be thinking after your fall – 1) If you had hurt yourself 2) Where you had landed? 3) What was the strange thing in the corner?  4) Would he be safe?  5) How would he get home?   Use feelings, panic, worry, fear…


Topic (Music)

Rock and roll is a type of popular dance music influenced by black rhythm and blues and white country music that originated in America during the late 1940s onwards. Watch the video and talk about how the music makes you feel. Can you make up your own dance moves?

Look at your worksheet for more work.



Today we are going to practise doing mental addition – over the years we have learned a number of strategies for doing mental calculations. Try some of the calculations above (choose your own level) and think about the best strategies. Remember – no paper or pencil, just your brains!


In English we will be learning about adverbs. Watch the video for a reminder about adverbs and then do the work on your sheet.

Topic (History)

Have  look at this picture – it is a representation of what we think life was like after the Ice Age. Have a good look and talk about what you see.

What do you think is happening?

What can you say about shelter (housing) at that time? Do you think that the food was the same as today? What about transport? What do you think the people in the picture are doing?

When we are doing history, we have to behave like detectives. Can you look at these cave paintings (click here), and do the rest of the work on your worksheet?



It’s Friday! Use today to make sure you are up to date with your My Maths work and that you have logged in to Times Tables Rockstars regularly.


In English can you think about these words and how they are spelled.

business      calendar      caught      centre       century

See if someone can test you are on your spellings. Can you write a sentence with each of the words?


Topic (P.E.)

It’s important to make sure that you do some PE – try to be a bit active every day. There are plenty of YouTube ideas for PE workouts in your home, or maybe you can go for a short walk with an adult from your house. Click here to access some PE lessons from the BBC or perhaps you can create some dance moves to go with the Bill Haley song.

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I F YOU went too near the edge of the chalk pit the ground would give way. Barney had been told this often enough. Everybody had told him. His grandmother, every time he came to stay with her. His sister, every time she wasn’t telling him something else. Barney had a feeling, somewhere in his middle, that it was probably true about the ground giving way. But still, there was a difference between being told and seeing it happen. And today was one of those grey days when there was nothing to do, nothing to play, and nowhere to go. Except to the chalk pit. The dump.

Barney got through the rickety fence and went to the edge of the pit. This had been the side of a hill once, he told himself. Men had come to dig away chalk and left this huge hole in the earth. He thought of all the sticks of chalk they must have made, and all the blackboards in all the schools they must have written on. They must have dug and dug for hundreds of years. And then they got tired of digging, or somebody had told them to stop before they dug away all the hill. And now they did not know what to do with this empty hole and they were trying to fill it up again. Anything people didn’t want they threw into the bottom of the pit.

He crawled through the rough grass and peered over. The sides of the pit were white chalk, with lines of flints poking out like bones in places. At the top was crumbly brown earth and the roots of the trees that grew on the edge. The roots looped over the edge, twined in the air and grew back into the earth. Some of the trees hung over the edge, holding on desperately by a few roots. The earth and chalk had fallen away beneath them, and one day they too would fall to the bottom of the pit. Strings of ivy and the creeper called Old Man’s Beard hung in the air. Far below was the bottom of the pit. The dump.

Barney could see strange bits of wreckage among the moss and elder bushes and nettles. Was that the steering wheel of a ship? The tail of an aeroplane? At least there was a real bicycle. Barney felt sure he could make it go if only he could get at it. They didn’t let him have a bicycle. Barney wished he was at the bottom of the pit.

 And then the ground gave way…

And then the ground gave way. Barney felt his head going down and his feet going up. There was a rattle of falling earth beneath him. Then he was falling, still  clutching the clump of grass that was falling with him. This is what it’s like when the ground gives way, thought Barney. Then he seemed to turn a complete somersault in the air, bumped into a ledge of chalk halfway down, crashed through some creepers and ivy and branches, and landed on a bank of moss. His thoughts did those funny things they do when you bump your head and you suddenly find yourself thinking about what you had for dinner last Tuesday, all mixed up with seven times six.

Barney lay with his eyes shut, waiting for his thoughts to stop being mixed up.

Then he opened them. He was lying in a kind of shelter. Looking up he could see a roof, or part of a roof, made of elder branches, a very rotten old carpet, and rusty old sheets of iron. There was a big hole, through which he must have fallen. He could see the white walls of the cliff, the trees and creepers at the top, and the sky with clouds passing over it. Barney decided he wasn’t dead. He didn’t even seem to be very much hurt.

He turned his head and looked around him. It was dark in this den after looking at the white chalk, and he couldn’t see what sort of a place it was. It seemed to be partly a cave dug into the chalk, partly a shelter built out over the mouth of the cave. There was a cool, damp smell. Woodlice and earwigs dropped from the roof where he had broken through it.

But what had happened to his legs? He couldn’t sit up when he tried to. His legs wouldn’t move. Perhaps I’ve broken them, Barney thought.

What shall I do then? He looked at his legs to see if they were all right, and found they were all tangled up with creeper from the face of the cliff. Who tied me up? thought Barney. He kicked his legs to try to get them free, but it was no use, there were 6 yards of creeper trailing down from the cliff. I suppose I got tangled up when I fell, he thought.

Expect I would have broken my neck if I hadn’t. He lay quiet and looked around the cave again. Now that his eyes were used to it he could see further into the dark part of the cave.

There was somebody there! Or Something! Something, or Somebody, had a lot of shaggy black hair and two bright black eyes that were looking very hard at Barney.

 ‘Hallo!’ said Barney. Something said nothing. ‘I fell down the cliff,’ said Barney. Somebody grunted. ‘My name’s Barney.’ Somebody- Something made a noise that sounded like ‘Stig’.

 ‘D’you think you could help me undo my feet, Mr Stig?’ asked Barney politely.

 ‘I’ve got a pocket- knife,’ he added, remembering that he had in his pocket a knife he’d found among  the wood- shavings on the floor of Grandfather’s workshop. It was quite a good knife except that one blade had come off and the other one was broken in half and rather blunt. Good thing I put it in my pocket, he thought. He wriggled so he could reach the knife, and managed to open the rusty half- blade. He tried to reach the creepers round his legs, but found it was difficult to cut creepers with a blunt knife when your feet are tied above your head.

The Thing sitting in the corner seemed to be interested. It got up and moved towards Barney into the light. Barney was glad to see it was Somebody after all.

 Funny way to dress though, he thought, rabbit- skins round the middle and no shoes or socks.


1) 25 + 5   2) 48 + 3    3) 17 + 9    4) 49 + 5    5) 65 + 8    6)76 + 7   7) 39 + 4  

8) 52 – 3    9) 41 – 4    10) 22 – 9    11) 70 – 6   

12) 56 -7

1) 268 + 7    2) 257 + 8    3) 653 + 9   4) 326 + 6    5) 788 + 6    6) 395 + 7

7) 946 + 6    8) 107 – 9    9) 453 – 9    10) 527 – 9   11) 693 – 5      12) 107 – 9

1)  57 +47   2) 85 + 48   3)  52 + 29    4) 197 + 40    5) 4580 + 700   6) 2400 + 160

7) 66 + 76    8) 125 – 60    9)  110 – 29    10)  81 – 37    11) 2126 – 120   12) 1970 – 500

Following Boris Johnson’s 8pm announcement we now know that as of midnight tonight the country has entered a new period of Lockdown, a Lockdown that includes the closure of school. 

School will be open for the children of Key Workers and for pupils who are deemed vulnerable. All pupils will be provided with work in order for them to keep learning. 

Tonight’s announcement was very short notice for you as parents and also for us as a Staff. Tomorrow, by 11am there will be three tasks on the school website for each Class to complete as their Tuesday learning. However, School will be closed to ALL pupils tomorrow. 


Staff, however, will be in school preparing for the rest of the Lockdown. Through tomorrow we will prepare school to make it safe for Key worker pupils and vulnerable children to return. 

We will send out a form for you to apply for a place in the Keyworker Bubbles and we will let you know more about how children will be learning remotely. We will do our very best to re-open to Key Worker children and vulnerable pupils by Wednesday. 

I am aware of how difficult this is for you all, School closing creates a multitude of problems for everyone but data surrounding this awful disease dictates that this is a necessary step. As ever, the safety and health of everyone must be a priority. 

Thank you for your continued support and we will be in frequent contact over the next few days. 

Many thanks

Claire Halstead