Class 1 w/c 8th June

Each week we try to get you thinking about PE and being active – it is so important for our physical and mental well-being. All this week you will be thinking about throwing and particularly, ‘over-arm throwing’ – there are lots of ideas to help you on your PE page – and at the end of the week – try this challenge. You don’t need specialist equipment, you don’t even need a ball, just yourself, some enthusiasm and some energy.

Each week we will give you a task that must be completed, this is your Top Terrific Task.

This week, your top terrific task is linked to RE. Jesus told his disciples to tell others about him and to show them his love. We can show Jesus’ love by being kind to others. Do something to make somebody else happy. It could be a member of your family or a relative. You could bake them some biscuits or cakes and you may like to make them a card. Ask your parents to help you leave it somewhere safe for them to find.

Click here to email me your work. I will send you a message back and if I haven’t heard from you by Friday I will get in touch to see if you need any extra help.

Click here to download the full week’s work for Reception children and here for Years 1 and 2  or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

Set up a shop with items costing up to 20p. Play shops, paying for your item using a 20p coin. Can you work out the change needed each time? Can you make the change using different coins. For example, if you bought a ball costing 13p you would need 7p change. You could make this with 5p, 2p or with 2p,2p,2p,1p… Have fun! When you feel confident you could try to draw the different ways that you found the change, in your exercise books, using a format like the one above.

This week all of Class 1 have lots of ideas for writing, please try some or all of them. Remember that writing starts with speaking and listening – discussing what you are going to write about is an important tool. You can also sing about it – Years 1 an 2 have this song as part of their inspiration (but we’re sure Reception will like listening to it too).


Draw a picture of the thoughts that comes to mind when you listen to the song. What makes this song happy? Why do you want to sing and clap along? Think about how the lyrics are upbeat/positive and the drumbeat follows a regular pattern which makes the song easy to dance to. Have a go at making some happy music of your own. Try singing the song with your family. Can you make up your own special dance?

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