Class 1 w/c 30th March

Welcome to our second week of Home Learning – here we present a few ideas along with the class sheet. Please do try and do as much as you can and get in touch if you’ve any questions.

This week we’d like to remind you to keep creative. If you need ideas – we like these videos from Rob Biddulph – you may have seen his illustrations in children’s books & we’re sure you’ll enjoy drawing along with him.

Click on the links to download the full week’s ideas for Year 1/2 and Reception children or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

This week try to visualise exactly what a minute feels like. Can you close your eyes and open them when a minute is up (get a grown up to time you)? With a timer, see how many things you can do in 60 seconds (one minute) – how high can you build a tower? How many times can you jump?

This week, challenge yourself to write a story. You could make your own character up or you might choose a character from a favourite story and write what happens next. Remember to use your key word card to help and let us see your finished work too.

been thinking about plants – has your seed started to grow? Maybe this week you can go on a spring walk or look/listen for the signs of spring from your own garden or front door (only with an adult remember!).

3 thoughts on “Class 1 w/c 30th March

  1. Good morning it is Poppy 🙂 this week I have made a puppet show box about carnivore , herbivore and omnivore and what they eat and what sort of animals they are :).
    I have made a rocket out of shapes and made my own flower clock to help me with telling the time.
    I have also been playing 1 or more matching pairs for maths.
    I made my own prayer yesterday too:)
    I hope everyone is ok 🙂

  2. Hello Poppy,
    I am loving all the work you are doing, the photos and videos you have been sending are just wonderful. We are very proud of you for keeping so busy and dedicated to your learning. Well done Poppy!
    Take care,
    Miss H 🙂

  3. Brilliant Poppy! 🙂 It is lovely to see all of your photos. Your flower clock sounds fab! You will have to show me! Keep smiling. Big hugs, Mrs Nowell xxx

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