Celebrations w/e 18th September


Class 3 Certificates

This week Rebecca, Jenson and Bobby have gained certificates. Rebecca has worked hard all week and with growing independence – you can click here to see the work that she is particularly proud of. Jenson has also been working with increasing independence and produced some great work. Click here to see Jenson’s favourite pieces of work. It was Bobby’s mature and sensible start to Year 6 along with his hard work that secured him his certificate. Click here to see the work he has chosen to share.


Class 2 Certificates

We also had three certificate winners in Class 2, Matthew, Islay and Fliss. Matthew got his certificate for some super maths whilst Islay proved herself to be a model Y3 pupil with her fabulous effort and concentration. For Fliss it was her super maths and a wonderful piece of descriptive writing in English.


Class 1 Certificates

Sebastian, Dara and Iona were the winners in Class One. Sebastian was rewarded for persevering during guided reading and maths lessons, whilst Dara got his for some super work in phonics, reading and maths. Iona was awarded her certificate for her enthusaiastic attitude and kindness to others.

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