An important note about the weeks ahead.


Watt Street,



Lancashire BB7 9ED

Telephone No:  01282 771009

Friday, 20th March 2020

Dear Parents and friends,


Today we have to close our doors, to the majority of our pupils, for the foreseeable future. This is not something that we ever wanted to do but we recognise that it is absolutely the correct thing to do in order to suppress the spread of COVID-19.


We do not know when we will be able to re-open and that is unsettling for the children, their families and for us as staff. Please let me reassure you that it is our every intention to stay in good contact with you. We will be contactable by phone and email and we will be regularly posting on Facebook, Twitter and the website. Staff are still working – they will be doing shifts at our child care provision and ensuring that work is added to the website in order for you to support your child’s learning from home. We will also be busy making preparations for when your children can return to school sorting the curriculum, enhancing learning environments and planning.


Thank you so much for your support. It is very much appreciated. It has been very difficult following the guidelines in terms of who can and can’t make use of our child care provision. The Government have been very clear in that child care places in school are limited and that even in households where there is someone eligible as a Key Worker, if there is another partner available to provide child care that needs to be the case. So many of you have helped school by doing this and we are so grateful to you. This is a global crisis and we all have to pull together to heal our world.


Finally I wish you all the very best of health, stay safe and I cannot wait to be sending you the good news that school is open again! Take care.


Yours sincerely,

Miss C Halstead

Head Teacher

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