Willersley Castle: Monday

Wallersley Castle 2022

Day One

As everyone knows, a school trip starts with the journey - and on our luxury coach this morning there was nothing but big smiles. Of course we're going to miss you all but it will be more than worth it!

Our home for the week

Just approaching the castle we knew we were going to have a wonderful time - imagine living here for a week! We didn't have long to gaze at our surroundings though - before long we'd had our welcome meetings and moved on to our first activities: Fencing and Initiative Exercises.

Fencing & Initiative Exercises

We were straight into activities – for the initiative exercises we soon realised that cooperation and listening were key skills, along with good communication of course.

In fencing we had to wear protective clothing, and learn particular moves before we could start. It’s not as easy as you think.

It’s no wonder we were all ready for our evening meal (which was delicious).

Night Walk

We finished our evening with a night walk - head torches and lamps on hand. We thought it may have been spooky but in fact it was wonderful - we loved seeing the castle glowing in the evening light.

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