Reception wc 23/03/20

Here we are in our first week of our home/school adventure. We hope you can join in as much as possible. Each week we will make sure you have plenty of ideas to keep you busy.

If you haven’t yet thought about it – we recommend that you find a way to exercise every single day. If you need an idea, how about P.E. with Joe?

Click here to download the full week’s ideas or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

Really think about numbers this week. Make sure you are writing them correctly – if you can you can practise making them with other media – how about a wet paintbrush on the wall outside? Or trace them in sand or flour? Try rolling a dice two times and adding the numbers together. Get a grown up to check.

This week we are going to try writing a diary entry every day. You can use your knowledge of phonics and your key word card to help you come up with what to say. We’d love it if you shared some of your diary entries with us.

try growing something? Eat an apple and, when you get to the core, carefully remove the seeds. Put these in a yoghurt pot/jam jar with some soil (you can get this from the garden), make sure you water it and give it plenty of light. Keep an eye on it and see what happens.

3 thoughts on “Reception wc 23/03/20

  1. Thomas loved seeing Mr Rogers and sang along. We have done PE with Joe this week and it made us very happy! We are going to plant some apples seeds this afternoon and look forward to watching it grow.
    Thomas would like to say hello to everyone at St Mary’s. Love from Thomas xxx

  2. Hi Thomas! I bet that you were brilliant at the Joe Wicks exercises 🙂 Let me know how you get on with your apple seeds. It would be lovely to see some photos as they grow! You could show your family how to make an animation of a seed growing on purple mash (2animate). You did a fantastic one last week! Love from Mrs Nowell xxx

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