Reception Home Learning w/c 18th Jan

Important daily learning ideas

It’s important to keep reading a little every day, The Oxford Owl website is brilliant – click on the button below to find the link and your login details.

On the side of each book is a little colour marker. The Year 1 children are best to choose books with red, yellow or blue markers to start off with. Year 2 will be able to read the books with green, orange, turquoise and purple markers. The books get progressively harder as you scroll through the colour bands.

Use the Teach Your Monster to Read App and the Monster Phonics App to work through some of the phonics games, daily.

We are currently working on Phase 2/3 phonics with Reception- learning the letters and sounds and blending/ segmenting them to read and write simple words.

I will be adding any Monster Phonics PowerPoints and resources which you could try at home, to a folder on Teams. That way, you will be able to access these even if you can’t make the meetings.

And don’t forget our live lesson which will be held at:

11am every day. This will be your chance to learn directly with me and to see your friends.

Click here to download this week’s work, and continue reading for quick access to all your links and other information.



Today we will be thinking about, one less. Start by doing the lesson together here.

I have put a related PowerPoint and Activity Sheet in the Reception Maths folder on Teams.

I will also add a list of the log in details for Numbots to the Maths folder on Teams. This is an excellent app which helps the children to develop a firm foundation in number. I would also recommend watching some of the Jack Hartmann youtube videos- there are some very catchy songs!



I will introduce this on the Teams meeting, but we have found a penguin in the classroom this morning! We have no idea where he has come from. What questions could we ask him? Can you think of some questions that you might ask the Penguin? Ask your grown up to help you to write down one of your questions. You will be able to ask the penguin your question on our Teams meeting on Tuesday.

Topic (Science)

We have learned about hot and cold places in the world and have started to think about the animals that live there. Today I would like you to think about how animals adapt to their habitats and to find out about ‘camouflage’. There are some Powerpoints in the folder on Teams, but also use the internet with a grown up to find out some more facts. Compare Arctic Foxes with Desert Foxes, Arctic Hares and Desert Hares. How do they fit in with their surroundings? Why do the desert animals have much longer ears? Watch this video about animals that camouflage in the jungle, and then try the activity here.

Try to write down or draw some pictures to show some of the facts that you have found out.



Today in maths we will be thinking about, representing zero. Please start by doing the second lesson here, I have put a related PowerPoint and Activity Sheet in the Reception Maths folder on Teams.


Today, during our Teams meeting you will ask the penguin your questions and hopefully find out some answers about where he has come from. After our meeting, try to draw the penguin and ask a grown up to help you to write down some of the things we know about how he looks and how he feels.

Topic (Art)

Following on from yesterday’s work about camouflage, I would like you to try to make a model of an animal camouflaged in its habitat. You could use a shoe box and create a white arctic scene including a polar bear, a sandy desert scene with a snake… Enjoy being crafty and use your imagination! Don’t forget to send me a photo!



  Please watch session three, in this series of lessons. We will be looking at the composition of numbers to five, there is also a related PowerPoint on Teams and an activity sheet.


Today we are going to create a lost poster for the penguin. (There is a template on Teams that you could use or you can create your own.) What might you add? Ask a grown-up to write down your ideas.

Have you lost a penguin? Found in our classroom. He is short and chubby with black and white feathers. He is very shy and he likes to eat fish. Please collect him from St Mary’s Primary school.

Topic (Music)

Please pick any of the lessons here – they are great fun. Let me know which ones you have done.



Today we are continuing in the series of lessons on numbers to five – we will be comparing numbers. Please do the fourth lesson and then follow it up with some practical activities and look out for your resources on Teams.


Watch the first part of the ‘Lost and Found’ story by Oliver Jeffers (it will stop in the right place).

What do you think the boy and the penguin might have packed? Try to write a list with a grown up. On the video it shows an umbrella- what might they need that for?

Topic (R.E.)

Last week we thought about how there are quite a few people who welcome us and help at Mass. Remember that although there are people with special roles at Mass everyone who is there is important and joins in by praying, listening, singing by saying the responses and by going forward for a blessing. Some people have special roles at Sunday Mass: e.g. greeters, the priest, deacon, altar servers, readers, those who take the collection, bring up the bread and wine to the altar and the extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. Some people help prepare the church for Mass on Sunday e.g. flower arrangers and those who clean the church.

Draw pictures of people in helping roles on small pieces of paper.  Include those who help at church; e.g. priest, flower arranger, and other people such as police officer, nurse, etc.  Try to sort them and to recognise those who have a special role in church.



Today’s lesson looks at equal and unequal groups. Please do the last lesson in the series, and then look out for the resources on Teams.


Think about the start of ‘Lost and Found’ again. What has happened so far in the story? What will happen next?

Watch the video clip all the way through this time (see left). Try to write about the story. Who is the story about? Where is it set? What happened? There is a sheet on Teams which you could use as a template.

Topic (P.E.)

Be active! Go for a walk, ride your bike, learn how to skip with a rope. Don’t forget the daily PE with Joe Wicks which is live every morning at 9am. Cosmic Kids Yoga is also lovely, you can find sessions on you tube to follow (see link), and they also have an App (fees apply).

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