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News (Week Ending 19th Jan)

This term has got off to a busy start for us all! On Wednesday, children in Y5 participated in an intra school Sports hall Athletics event at Oakhill where they did a range of different events. The Lego Robotics session on Monday for KS2 children went really well and we have 11 parents signed up for the KS1 session next week.
We have sent out information about a course for parents – Keeping Up with the Children in English KS2. There will be three sessions running from 9am to 11.30am on Tuesday mornings starting on 28th January. Children join in for the last part of the morning and the outcome should be that parents feel better able to support their children with homework and learning at home. Please let the office know if you would like to attend.
On Tuesday we have a Resilience Day for KS2 provided by One Goal. The children will learn about The 6 Habits Mindset comprising attitude, behaviour, courage, determination, enthusiasm and friendship. The 6 Habits Mindset helps to build children’s resilience, shape their character and improve their overall health and wellbeing. The day will include role play and participating in numerous activities enabling the children to apply their learning.
On Wednesday we have KS2 Mass in church and you are all welcome to join us. Children doing the Sacramental Programme have had several after school classes and are attending church as part of the programme. Our prayers are with these children during their special journey.

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