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Class 3 w/c 6th July

Each week we try to get you thinking about PE and being active – it is so important for our physical and mental well-being but of course, when we have very rainy weeks, it can feel a bit daunting going outside – which is why we also like things like Yoga. This week we’re sharing this Cosmic Kids Adventure as it also reminds us how important washing our hands is.

Each week we will give you a task that must be completed, this is your Top Terrific Task.


Using Monday’s DT activity OR  Tuesday’s Art activity, send me pictures of either the animal that you sew and create, or the track printing that you do.

Click here to email me your work. I will send you a message back and if I haven’t heard from you by Friday I will get in touch to see if you need any extra help.

Click here to download the full week’s work or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

Ideas for

There are lots of maths activities on your worksheets this week including lots of work with handling numbers. Being able to work quickly with numbers is very important – it helps us solve problems and ensures that we are able to function well in every day life. If you are good with mental maths you can quickly see if you’ve been given the right change in a shop, or work out how to make a recipe feed more (or less) people. One great way of keeping fast with calculations is playing games. We like this one because you have to use mental maths and also strategic thinking if you want to be the winner. Download the gameboards and instructions here.


This week all your writing is related to the zoo and you will be working towards writing a balanced argument about whether we should or shouldn’t have zoos.

If you have time, in your extra learning, how about writing a zoo based story? Think about something strange happening in the zoo. Who are the characters, what event happens, who is your target audience? This clip from Harry Potter may inspire you.


In DT this week we're

Sewing is a wonderful way of joining materials and securing things and, whilst we tend to think of sewing and fabrics it’s used for far more than that. Books used to always be joined with stitches and even nowadays many still are, and people are often repaired with stitches (although staples and glue are popular too).

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