Class 3 home learning w/c 8th Feb

This week's key learning

This week in maths we will continue to think about shape – we will be learning about perimeter and area. Please make sure you also do some Times Table Rockstars – ideally every day. In SPAG we will be looking at relative clauses and thinking how we can use them to improve our writing, and in Topic we will be looking at volcanoes and earthquakes.

And don’t forget our live lessons which will be held at:

9.00am and 2pm everyday. This will be your chance to learn directly with me and to see your friends.

Click here to download this week’s work, and continue reading for quick access to all your links and other information.

Last Week's Star Learners!


This morning’s Teams Meeting is cancelled due to Mrs Holland being on a Zoom training session.


Good Morning! This week we are going to focus on perimeters and areas of shapes. Today, you will need to check our learning powerpoint for an input and reminder on what perimeter is and how we find it. Afterwards there are two lessons to complete, lesson one is here, and follow this up with lesson two here.

For today’s reading, please watch this video on, ‘Is Humanity the Next Supervolcano?’

 I have then put some questions on Teams for you to answer about the video. I will also share these in our Teams meeting.


For your SPAG work this week we are going to focus on relative clauses. Click on this link, for today’s lesson, and complete screens 1 – 3.


Today’s lesson includes some research. I would like you to write a guide or instructions on how to floodproof a house. You will need to research this on the internet as well as asking questions to people around you.

What do people do in order to try and protect their homes from flood damage?

You may think about what you see in local villages when the weather forecast predicts heavy rain and possible flooding.

Topic (Geography)

Do you know how an earthquake happens? Did you know that there are different stages to an earthquake?

In fact, there are 5 stages! Today, I will share these with you in our morning Teams meeting. Your activity will then be in our Topic file on Teams. I would like you to explore, order and explain the stages.



Today we are going to continue with perimeter of shapes- focusing on rectilinear shapes. Rectilinear means that all the sides meet at right angles. I will share our learning slides in our morning Teams session. You may also find the video, here very helpful. Once you’ve finished the lesson, please complete today’s activity (in Teams).


In SPAG we are continuing with relative clauses, click here and complete the screen 4 activity or see Teams.

For today’s reading, please watch this video about the Marine Iguana – afterwards you will find some questions to answer in Teams.


Think about the children in the story. I would like you to write a letter to one of the children.

In your letter, I would like you to think about what you would say/write to someone who is going through this disaster. 

Would you try and cheer them up or help them?

Would you offer some  advice?

Can you show in your letter that you understand what they are going through?

Think about empathy and sympathy. What kind words could you use?

Topic (Geography)

Today I would like you to create an explanation text on earthquakes. I have put a template in our Teams file for you to use if you wish or you can create your own layout.

You will need to answer the question of ‘What is an earthquake?’

I would like you to include information on what an earthquake is, how they happen, where they occur, what damage they do and anything else you can think of.



Today we are going to start looking at Areas of shapes. We will start this in our Teams session, after which you can do the lesson here. Finish with today’s learning sheets, which you will find in Teams.


In SPAG we are continuing to explore Relative Clauses. Click on this link, for today’s lesson, and complete screens 1 – 3.

Today’s video is based on the trailer for Seven worlds, One Planet by Sir David Attenborough. Today’s questions are also on Teams for you to complete once you have watched the video.


Today I would like you to think about when the house floods and disaster strikes. I want you to write a poem based on this disaster and the book.

You can choose to do an acrostic poem (where the letters down the side spell out a word) or you can choose to write one full of figurative language.

Topic (Religious Education)

In the Gospels, we read about Jesus’ mission. ‘Gospel’ means ‘Good News’. The Good News Jesus came to make known is that God loves each of us and that living in God’s Way brings love, justice and peace for the entire world.  In his Gospel, Luke shows us how Jesus chooses God’s way and begins his mission.  Jesus carried out his mission by what he said and what he did.  He started this when he was about 30 years old.  Jesus did not carry out his mission on his own, he called people to be with him and they were inspired to work with him.  He travelled through towns and villages preaching and proclaiming the Good News.  He chose twelve people to be his apostles and share his mission.  The twelve apostles and some women went with him.

Read God’s story Jesus begins his mission and then God’s story The Women  which are in our Topic file on Teams.

People live out Jesus’ mission today by doing many different things including charity work.

Can you create a wanted poster to attract people to share in Jesus’ mission?

Think about why people might want to do this and give reasons why they should.



Today we will be finding the area of rectangles. I will go through some slides with you in our morning Teams session, you can also watch the video, here for extra support. Once you’ve finished the lesson, please complete today’s activity (in Teams).


In SPAG, please  complete this task, using the same focus of relative clauses and the King Cobra.

You can also find the work in Teams.

Please watch the video.

It’s all about Africa’s rarest predator. Can you then answer the questions on Teams?


Before we finish the book, I would like you to write the ending to the story today. What happens? Use clues from the story so far to help you write the ending as a story. You will need to write at least two paragraphs to finish the story.

Topic (Extreme Earth)

Today we are coming to the end of our Extreme Earth topic. Today I would like you to tell me everything you have learnt about our Earth.

You can include:

Natural disasters,

Animals and habitats,

Countries and locations around the world.

Any other facts and information about our Earth.

You can present this as a powerpoint, a double page spread or type up the information and present it on the computer. Remember that it must include lots of information and facts.



Today is a day on finding the area of compound shapes. This means that it looks like more than one shape stuck together. I will share our learning slides with you in our Teams meeting. This video may also help you, and afterwards you will find an activity sheet to do on Teams.


Today’s clip is about leopard seals versus penguins, after you’ve watched it, there are some questions to answer in the Reading file in Teams.


Today I would like you to choose a character from the story. Imagine you are that character. I would like you to write a diary entry as that character.

Think about the events from the story and how the story develops. I want you to think about the character’s emotions and actions. How might the character be feeling at certain times in the text?

Write using first person (I, me) and remember you need to use punctuation correctly and make sure it makes sense.

You can choose to handwrite this or type it up.

Topic (Art)

You work so hard all week and I know lots of you are really enjoying art on a Friday!

Today is your choice. I would like a piece of artwork based on our Extreme Earth.

You can choose your focus so it could be the Earth itself, a natural disaster, animals or something completely unique!

You can present it as a drawing, painting, 3D model or even use natural resources outside to create something! The main thing this afternoon is to have fun creating it!

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