Class 2 w/c 13th July

It’s our last week of the school year and it has been a very different year to usual. We have certainly missed being with you but we’ve also been very impressed with how hard you’ve all worked and we’ve loved getting your messages and photographs.

Normally, at the end of this week we would watch a video together – perhaps you can do that as a family. Pick a film that everyone can enjoy, possibly an old favourite. Musicals are always fun, expecially if you can sing along.

Click here to download the full week’s work or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

There are lots of important revision ideas on your worksheet this week – you may even do some of them over the summer. On your sheet you have a lot of word problems – problem solving is an important part of maths as we can see in this video. Can you use your maths knowledge to find who ate all the cupcakes?

This week we want you to think about your most memorable moment in Class 2. Can you write about it – why was it so memorable?

Can you create a factfile or poster from your favourite part of history learning this year? It may be the Plague, or Ancient Egypt, or something else that really got you interested.

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