Class 2 w/c 11th May

How did you get on with dancing last week – did you manage to learn the Lindy Hop and, if so, did you dance it on VE Day? Make sure you do something physical every day – including dancing. Why not try the Jungle Dances in the video?

Click here to download the full week’s ideas or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

On Thursday we’re looking at fractions – in this video the teacher takes you right back to the beginning of fractions. Make sure you’re ready to press pause and have some paper and a pencil with you.

There are lots of writing ideas for you this week. You can let us know how your VE Day celebrations went, or you can write a poem based onThe Jumblies by Edward Lear. In the video, Michael Rosen performs this fabulous poem for you.Perhaps you could learn the poem by heart and do your own performance?

May is the month when we think about Mary, the mother of our Lord. Can you learn this hymn as part of our thinking about Mary our Mother? There are lots of lovely versions that you can find but in this clip we are taken to the Grotto at Lourdes with The Right Reverend John Arnold, Bishop of Salford – taken during their 2015 pilgrimage.

4 thoughts on “Class 2 w/c 11th May

  1. Hello dear year 3 and 4!! I’m loving seeing your photos and reading your posts and emails – please keep these up!!
    Have a safe week and try to be helpful and kind. Missing you more each week. Keep smiling!

    Lots of love
    Mrs R

  2. Hi Aurora, missing you loads too!! Hoping we all see each other as soon as is safe and possible. Keep smiling lovely girl 🙂

    Mrs R xxx

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