Class 2 home learning w/c 25th Jan

This week's key learning

This week we will be thinking about measuring in our maths work, and we will be continuing our in depth look at our class novel, ‘Stig of the Dump’ . We will do a lot of comprehension work to help us get deeper into the story and we will look at specific word level features that will help us with our own writing. Please do get in touch with me as often as you can, and don’t forget our live lessons which will be held at:

10am and 2.30pm everyday. This will be your chance to learn directly with me and to see your friends.

Click here to download this week’s work, and continue reading for quick access to all your links and other information.



Today we are going to be thinking about capacity. Before you start, there is a great lesson here.  Once you’ve finished the lesson, there are some worksheets and PowerPoints in Teams.


Today we will start to read Chapter 3 of our class novel, Stig of the Dump. You can find the copy in the English folder on Teams, stop reading when you get to the paragraph ending with. “What a lot of firewood!”

As you’re reading, look out for similies. There’s a great song below to remind you about similies. When you’ve finished there are some questions and an activity on this week’s worksheet.


Can you write some descriptions using similes linked to our Stig story?


Eg. Barney ran back to Gran’s house. His legs were racing like a cheetah and his heart was beating like a drum. He grabbed his grandad’s steel axe, the metal shone like …

Topic (R.E.)

We have already celebrated the season of Advent and Christmas. On the 6th January we celebrated The Epiphany – The visit of the Wise men.

We are now in Ordinary Time – So we shall study this Sunday’s Gospel from 24th January – click on the button to read it and/or watch the video to the left.

In the Gospel Jesus begins to choose his Apostles. There are some activities in Teams. Afterwards, can you draw the scene and write a recount of the event?



Use your My Maths logins to continue working with measures. There is also a lesson here – to help with measuring and comparing capacities.

Afterwards, please finish the capacity sheets on Teams.


Using the extract in your Teams folder, read from ‘That afternoon Barney brought a hatchet…’ to P75 (end of chapter 3). Afterwards, try to answer the following:

Why do you think Stig thought the matches were precious?

 Describe the scene which Stig painted on the wall.

 Why did Barney feel sorry for Stig living in a cave at this time of year?

Finish by drawing the hunting scene which Stig created on the cave wall – READ the description carefully on P71 so that you include it all.




Imagine you just spent an afternoon with Stig. Can you write a recount of what happened? In your writing, show what you would tell your mum – think about everything you did. Think about how you would start each sentence, you may use some of the ideas below:

Mum I’ve had such a great time today with Stig! First I helped him to saw and cut wood by using dad’s ……… Then Stig tried to make a fire out of grass but it was too damp so I showed him how to light a match. Stig couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw …

Finally Stig used a charred, blackened stick to draw on the white chalk board. It was a amazing! He drew …

Topic (Science)

Today we will be using our observational skills to sort rocks. You will need to look at the slides in the PowerPoint on Teams and you should also do the lesson here.

Finally finish with the sorting activity that you will find on Teams.



Today we will be thinking about mass.You may want to start with this lesson, and then look at your worksheet and in your Teams folder for today’s work.


In today’s extract, we meet, The Snargets – read the extract on Teams and then answer the questions on your worksheet. As you read, focus on how Barney may be feeling – what evidence do you have?


Imagine you are Barney. How would you have felt when you saw the Snargets? When they were chasing after you? What did you think they might do to you if they caught you?


SHOW your thoughts – in thought bubbles

Topic (Music)

Continuing with our Rock and Roll theme, 1956 is the year that Elvis Presley began to dominate the charts.

Watch the clip together and discuss Elvis’s iconic style, there are more links and lyrics on your worksheet.

Can you sing some of his songs? Can you make up a rock and roll dance to them?



Today we are going to to be working with money – if you have some real money to hand, it can be helpful (but remember to give it back, when you’ve finished). There is a great lesson here, or you may look for one of the more or, for more of a challenge, click here.

Afterwards, check Teams for your appropriate activity.


Today we will continue with our reading of Stig. When you’ve read Part 2 of Chapter 5, try to answer the following questions:

What was Stig doing when Barney eventually found him?

What did the Snargets threaten to do to Barney when they caught him?

Why did Stig eat the cigarette?


Write a diary entry from the point of view of Barney. Think about everything you’ve learned in the past two days about his feelings – how they changed from first meeting the Snargets, right up to making friends with them.

Topic (PSHE)

Today, in PSHE, we will be thinking about ambitions, and we will be looking at the life and work of Jane Goodall. There is a powerpoint in Teams, and some video suggestions, including the one to the right.

Finish with the activity below.

What would you like to do or be when you grow up? – chat to your family members


DRAW a Flower or use the template on Teams.

Ask the children what a flower template has to do with dreams and goals? We might notice that plants grow from tiny seeds, so we can imagine that our dreams and goals are seeds that we can plant now and watch them grow into the future. Think carefully about our own dreams and goals, and draw or write these dreams on the petals of their flower. In the centre of the flower draw a picture of how you think you will look, when you have achieved one (or all) of your dreams.



It’s Friday! Use today to make sure you are up to date with your My Maths work and that you have logged in to Times Tables Rockstars regularly.


In English can you think about these words and how they are spelled.

certain     circle       complete      consider     continue

See if someone can test you on your spellings. Can you write more than one sentence using each of the words?

Topic (P.E.)

It’s important to make sure that you do some PE – try to be a bit active every day. There are plenty of YouTube ideas for PE workouts in your home, or maybe you can go for a short walk with an adult from your house. Click here to access some PE lessons from the BBC or maybe try working out with Joe Wicks.

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