Class 2 home learning w/c 22nd Feb

This week's key learning

This week we will be thinking about fractions in our maths work, and we will be reading the wonderful book, ‘Escape from Pompeii’ – by Christina Balit. Please do get in touch with me as often as you can, and don’t forget our live lessons which will be held at:

10am and 1.15pm everyday. This will be your chance to learn directly with me and to see your friends.

Click here to download this week’s work, and continue reading for quick access to all your links and other information.

Last Week's Star Learners!



Today we are learning about fractions, Y3 will be looking at finding a quarter and Y4 will be learning about tenths. Click here for Y3’s video on finding a quarter and click here to view the Y4 lesson on tenths. Once you’ve finished your lessons, there are activities and PowerPoints on Teams.


We will start this morning’s Teams lesson by reading the start of this book together. You will find the full copy in the Teams folder and today’s extract is slides 1 to 5 up to this point: ‘would squat by the fountain playing knucklebones, or chase dogs down the street.’


Look back at today’s reading – there are lots of examples of setting descriptions, the author uses description to create a vivid picture of the scene. From her descriptions we don’t just see the setting (the sparkling bay), but we also hear (the noise humming from bars), we can smell (oil and spices being carried to and from boats) – in fact there are sights, sounds, tastes and smells everywhere.

For today’s activity, I’d like you to: use these setting clues to DRAW the scene/setting and WRITE your own description of Pompeii.

Topic (R.E.)

Today we are going to be thinking about Lent. This year, Lent started during our half-term break on Wednesday 17th February – the first day of Lent is Ash Wednesday.

Please start by watching the video here and doing some of the activities you find there. Afterwards there is a PowerPoint and some worksheets in Teams.



Today we are continuing to think about fractions, focusing particularly on equivalence. There’s a lesson here that may be a good help before you start. Once you’ve finished the lesson, there are activities and PowerPoints on Teams.


Continuing with our reading of, ‘Escape From Pompeii’, please read fFrom slide 6 ‘One hot August day …’ up to Slide 8 ‘Flushed and excited, the two children ran off hand in hand into the dusty streets.’

As you are reading look for the way that the author uses powerful verbs to help you see the story. You may notice things like: stone steps creaked… flaps began to rattlethink how the use of the powerful verb helps you as a reader. There is a PowerPoint and some sheets for you to complete in Teams.


Listen to the powerful verbs song. Can you write an action paragraph using powerful verbs? For example, Tranio jumped off the stage and dashed down the street. He could see families carrying their belongings out of their houses with a look of puzzlement and fear on their faces. He zoomed to Livia’s house and pounded on her door. As she opened the wooden door Travio screamed, “Livia! Come on we’ve got to see what on earth is happening.” They sped off hand in hand down the dusty streets.

Topic (Science)

Today we are going to be learning about skeletons. You will find your work in Teams. You may also like to do the lesson here – and you can work through the slideshow (right) together.



Today we will be counting in fractions. There is a lesson for Y4 children here, and then look at your worksheet and in Teams for today’s work.


In today’s reading you will be looking for the use of Fronted Adverbials, you may wish to do this Bitesize lesson first, to help you know what to look out for. Please read from slide 8 ‘But as they ran …. ‘  Up to slide 9 ‘falling to the grumbling, trembling ground.’

Grammar Focus

Watch the Bitesize video first, and then complete the PowerPoint in Teams, finish by working on the word mat to write your own sentences.

Topic (Music)

In music we are going to be looking at music from the Marvel Studios. Start by watching the clip (left), think about the following:

What adjectives go with the music?

What instruments can you hear?

If these different clips of music were used in film trailers how would they make you feel?

There is further work on Teams



In today’s lesson we are going to be adding fractions together. You may want to start with this lesson here as a recap. Afterwards, check your work in the Teams folder.


Please read from slide 10 ‘And then, in one terrible endless moment …’  Up to the ending ‘carry a deep sorrow within their hearts.’

Focus on the description of the eruption.

DRAW and WRITE your own description of Mount Vesuvius erupting. Think about your senses, and everything we’ve learned this week to help you do your writing.

Topic (Geography)

Today we are going to finish by thinking about volcanoes. There are some worksheets and slides in Teams, and then choose one (or all) of the activities from the weekly sheets.

Fabulous Friday!


It’s Friday! Use today to make sure you are up to date with your My Maths work and that you have logged in to Times Tables Rockstars regularly.


Look back at the last page of Escape from Pompeii – Tranio and Livia are now old and they think back to the terrible events and all those who died in the eruption.

WRITE/CREATE a memorial poster to remember those who died in Pompeii on 24th August AD79.

Topic ( Golden Time)

Fabulous Friday – please have Golden Time and some fresh air if possible. Have a walk, scooter/bike ride, nature walk, quiet time drawing or colouring, reading a book, listening to music…

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