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Class 2 Home learning w/c 18th Jan

This week's key learning

This week we will be thinking about fractions in our maths work, and we will be taking an in depth look at our class novel, ‘Stig of the Dump’ – we will do a lot of comprehension work to help us get deeper into the story, and we will also have some comprehension activities taken from other books. Please do get in touch with me as often as you can, and don’t forget our live lessons which will be held at:

10am and 2.30pm everyday. This will be your chance to learn directly with me and to see your friends.

Click here to download this week’s work, and continue reading for quick access to all your links and other information.



Today we are thinking about finding fractions of amounts, and looking at the maths strategies that we use to help us do this. Watch the video above and then check your worksheet for today’s work. There are lots of challenges on there – and you can choose the level that you think is right for you.


For your READING, please finish Chapter One of Stig of the Dump – you’ll find it in your Teams folder.

Today, for your WRITING activity, I’d like you to describe what you see in Stig’s cave. You will need to look back in your reading for clues, and think of some of your own ideas. I’ve put an idea on your worksheet

DRAW the cave and the objects you have described

Topic (R.E.)

In R.E. today, we will be thinking about the Liturgical Year. Click on the button below to read about the Liturgical Year and answer the questions below.

How is the Church’s year marked?

When does it begin and end?  Why do you think it happens like this?

What do you notice about the colour used at different times?

Choose one (or both) of the following art activities – don’t forget to show me your work.

Design a Liturgical calendar that accurately represents the Church’s year using signs, symbols and colours to denote the different seasons and feasts.

Create a collage or piece of ART in remembrance of the journey of Jesus, his life, death and Resurrection. 



We are continuing to work on fractions today – we will be modelling fractions, finding fractions, and finding fractions of amounts. You’ll find all your work in Teams, and for extra practice/revision, why not do the lesson here?


Today you need to read some of Chapter 2 from Stig of the Dump. You can find the section in Teams.

When you’ve done that, think about Barney taking carrots to Stig. If you were taking something what would it be, and why? Think about things that Stig may find useful.


For your writing, we are going to think about using speech in our writing. Write what you would say to Stig, when you took his gift – how would you say it, and how would you explain why you’ve taken it and what Stig can do with it. Use speech bubbles or inverted commas to show the speech in your writing.

Topic (Science)

In science we are continuing to learn about rocks. Today we will be thinking about the difference between naturally occuring rocks and man-made rocks (things like bricks are man-made).

There are some activities you need to complete in Teams – you may also like to watch the video to find out more about rocks.



Today we will be adding and subtracting fractions.There is a video for you to watch here, and then look in the Teams folder for your follow-up work sheets.


Read today’s extract by checking Teams, and then complete the Reading Comprehension work.


Today we are making predictions.

Predict – Will Stig still be there when Barney returns after the Christmas holidays?

Write what you think will happen next?

Topic (PSHE)

In PSHE we are thinking about Dreams and Goals. Take a look at the pictures above.

Which person do you think is facing the biggest challenge. Do you think that this is the same challenge for everyone, perhaps what one person sees as a challenge, for another person it is just normal.

For each person, think about:

What might be the challenge they face?

Who faces the greatest challenge?

Who might be the most successful at mastering their challenge?




Today we are going to be rounding numbers. Start by watching the video here.

Look in your My Maths, and also on Teams for some challenges and work sheets to complete.


In English there are two comprehension exercises to complete on your worksheet. You can also find the extracts by clicking on the buttons below.

Topic (History)

We are going to be learning about Stonehenge in history. There is a lot to learn about here at BBC Bitesize, and here at National Geographic Kids. You can also watch this video.

After you’ve done all your research:

Create a fact file poster or leaflet about Stonehenge.

Draw do a sketch/pencil drawing of Stonehenge.

Make sure you share your work with me – either by using the Contact button at the top of this post or during one of our live lessons.



It’s Friday! Use today to make sure you are up to date with your My Maths work and that you have logged in to Times Tables Rockstars regularly.


In English can you think about these words and how they are spelled.

certain    circle   complete   consider

See if someone can test you are on your spellings. Can you write a sentence with each of the words?

Topic (P.E.)

It’s important to make sure that you do some PE – try to be a bit active every day. There are plenty of YouTube ideas for PE workouts in your home, or maybe you can go for a short walk with an adult from your house. Click here to access some PE lessons from the BBC or perhaps you can show your family one of coach Leigh’s dance/exercise routines.

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The year of the Church family is marked by special events and seasons.  It is called the Liturgical Year.  It begins with the first Sunday of Advent and ends with the feast of Christ the King.  The word liturgical means the Church family’s celebration and remembrance of the journey of Jesus when he lived on earth, his death and Resurrection.  It is a calendar of Sundays, feast days and special seasons which are celebrated during one year.  A feast day is a day set aside by the Church family to celebrate an event in the life of Jesus, Mary his mother or a saint.


Liturgy is the actions and words of the prayer and worship the Church family offers to God.


The Liturgical Year helps Christians to be close to the work of the Trinity, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, throughout the seasons of the year.  It brings the Church family together as everyone shares in the celebrations.  Following the celebrations Christians are sent out to love and serve God in the world.

“Take this cloak,” the old wizard insisted. “It will protect you from Dralin’s dark magic.”  Joreth took the cloak, folded it precisely and placed it in his sack next to the book.

“Thank-you,” Joreth whispered.

“No matter what, Dralin cannot be allowed to get his hands on that book,” warned the old wizard, stroking his long and wispy beard.

“Yes, I know,” grumbled Joreth.  It was about the hundredth time the old wizard had said this and Joreth was beginning to get annoyed.  Carefully, he packed some more bread and ale for his long journey and stepped outside into the sunshine.  Without another word, he climbed onto his steed and rode off into the forest.

‘Good gracious me!’ Aunt Spiker said, ‘What’s that awful noise?’

Both women swing round to look. The noise, of course, had been caused by the peach crashing through the fence that surrounded it, and now, gathering speed every second, it came rolling across the garden towards the place where Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker were standing.

The gaped. They screamed. They started to run. They panicked. They both got in each other’s way. They began pushing and jostling and each one of them was thinking only about saving herself. Aunt Sponge, the fat one, tripped over a box that she’d brought along to keep the money in and fell flat on her face. Aunt Spiker immediately tripped over Aunt Sponge and came down on top of her. They both lay on the ground, fighting and clawing to get up again, but before they could do this the mighty peach was upon them.

There was a crunch. And then there was silence.

Following Boris Johnson’s 8pm announcement we now know that as of midnight tonight the country has entered a new period of Lockdown, a Lockdown that includes the closure of school. 

School will be open for the children of Key Workers and for pupils who are deemed vulnerable. All pupils will be provided with work in order for them to keep learning. 

Tonight’s announcement was very short notice for you as parents and also for us as a Staff. Tomorrow, by 11am there will be three tasks on the school website for each Class to complete as their Tuesday learning. However, School will be closed to ALL pupils tomorrow. 


Staff, however, will be in school preparing for the rest of the Lockdown. Through tomorrow we will prepare school to make it safe for Key worker pupils and vulnerable children to return. 

We will send out a form for you to apply for a place in the Keyworker Bubbles and we will let you know more about how children will be learning remotely. We will do our very best to re-open to Key Worker children and vulnerable pupils by Wednesday. 

I am aware of how difficult this is for you all, School closing creates a multitude of problems for everyone but data surrounding this awful disease dictates that this is a necessary step. As ever, the safety and health of everyone must be a priority. 

Thank you for your continued support and we will be in frequent contact over the next few days. 

Many thanks

Claire Halstead