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Cl2 w/c 23rd March

Here we are in our first week of our home/school adventure. We hope you can join in as much as possible. Each week we will make sure you have plenty of ideas to keep you busy.

If you haven’t yet thought about it – we recommend that you find a way to exercise every single day. If you need an idea, how about P.E. with Joe?

Click here to download the full week’s ideas or check out this page to find ideas and tips for different subjects.

Ideas for

As well as your regular maths work (tables, mental maths etc. this week we are thinking about time. Try out some of the problems in the programmes but also, why not make it a challenge to tell the time as often as possible using both analogue and digital formats?


Try to do some writing every day. We have given you a lot of ideas to get you going, including diary entries, conversations and poetry. If you write your list poem, why not send it to us in the comments so that we can share it with everyone?

In we are

thinking about the human body. This week perhaps you could collect data on how our bodies grow? Use a tape measure to take measurements between you and your family members – you could measure the lengths of you forearms (elbow to fingertips) for example and present your findings in a table. Maybe you can compare forearms to foot length?

15 thoughts on “Cl2 w/c 23rd March

  1. Hello it is Archie here, I have learnt about the heart and the lungs with my mum. I have done all my maths work :). We have been doing reading and grammer, my mum has made me some flash cards to help me remember grammer. I am missing my school friends

    1. Well done Archie!!! I’ve seen you’re also completing your My maths work too. Keep up the good work and also enjoy some sunshine! I’m missing you all too.

      Love Mrs R 🙂

  2. Hello Archie,

    I saw a great photo of you working from home today and I bet you learned loads about the heart and lungs from Mummy. Well done.
    I know you miss your friends – I miss all of you too but this website can keep us connected. Keep smiling!
    Big Elbow Pump
    Miss H 🙂

  3. Hi its me Pep! Ive been playing in the garden and teaching mum how to play on a raft. I abandoned her on the raft with no oar! This was hilarious!
    Ive been making my own dinner and I’ve made cheese cake independently.
    I’m now going to try and do some learning on this device. How is everybody doing?

  4. Wednesday 25th – good morning year 3/4 hope you get to enjoy the sunshine at some point today. Missing you all. Mrs R xx

  5. Mrs R I have been baking with my sister and I put Minnie eggs on them and I gave to people I know and I loved doing the Friday shuffle with you if been learning about the immune system with my mum and teaching her about Italy.

    1. Hi Angus,
      I loved seeing photos of you baking and how kind you gave them out to others. I’m so glad you did the Friday shuffle with me! Missing you. Love Mrs R xx

  6. Hi Everyone I am doing lots of my work and l have painted a rainbow for the window.I miss my teachers and friends.please open the school soon so I don’t have to listen to wham with my mum!take care.Aurora

  7. Hi Miss R, it’s Holly. I miss being at school and with my friends Ive been doing p.e.with Joe wix my mum joined in too

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Tonight’s announcement was very short notice for you as parents and also for us as a Staff. Tomorrow, by 11am there will be three tasks on the school website for each Class to complete as their Tuesday learning. However, School will be closed to ALL pupils tomorrow. 


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